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Interview: Jay from Skywalker talks about the upcoming EP and much more

Jan 262017



You've had quite a crazy year, many concerts throughout Europe, Japan and China tour, what are you planning this year?

We are starting off this year in the final phase of recording our new CD. We have been working on it for a year and half, mostly because we spent so much time on the road instead of the studio. Also, we are recording vocals and doing the final production in Wales at Celestial Recordings studio run by Seb Barlow (co-writer of most songs and brother of the frontman of Neck Deep), so we cannot go there every weekend just like that. Ironically, the last point that held us little late now comes in handy. It is the fact that I have moved to Liverpool for a year to finish my Master’s Degree in Teaching English. It will only take me about an hour on the train to travel to North Wales. We have lot of plans for gigs. In February, we are going on a short trip to Germany and Austria, we want to travel around Europe and the UK as well, and we would love to go back to Asia, where we had a great time last year. It all depends on when and on what conditions the new record will be released.

Do you have some goals of what you want to achieve in a given year?

No. We are not a company but a band. We know we want to create music, travel with it, play it to all those who have ears to hear. But it is a continuous process. The illusion of one year doesn’t have any crucial effect on it. It is important to live the band in every moment, otherwise we imprison ourselves in the unavailability of what will come and the sadness after what already happened.

You are currently recording a new EP. Can you tell us more? What can your fans look forward to?

I don’t know what can fans be looking forward to, but people who like us and are part of this big family will get five new songs. We believe that in terms of our sound, we’ve moved somewhere else since the last record. Many people might say that it is the same old identical Skywalker. I don’t know, I guess it doesn’t matter. Anyway, those songs reflect the past two years of my life. I won’t lie, those were not the happiest years. But I think it’s that will give you all the more chance to relate to the songs. If you don’t feel well, rest assured that you are not alone in that. And this is positive about music; we don’t always have to sing about flowers, haha. And yeah, it will be really heavy, a massacre, a proper slaughter.

Do you record and mix everything by yourselves or do you work with some other producers / sound engineers?

As I mentioned above, the producer is Seb Barlow from Celestial. However, we record the instrumental parts in Prague, under the supervision of Damian (, who is our drummer and perhaps the leading producer of alternative / heavy music in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Those are two fundamental and creative brains so, in my humble opinion, the result will be some very good music.

You have been recently joined by guitarist Honza Jandak from Call Tracy, is he going to be a permanent member of the band or is he going only on tours?

We didn’t really state what his role is, but we have been together too long to strictly talk about a “touring guitarist“. It actually doesn’t matter. Call Tracy and Skywalker have always overlapped in terms of writing music. So I think it’s safe to say that we’ve been parts of each other's’ bands for some five years now.


Back to the Asian tour. How does a Czech band manage to book and pull off something like that?

I don’t know. We don’t necessarily advertise ourselves as a “Czech band“. I don’t think that the offer came on the basis of us being a Czech band. It is all about the way you do it. And we work hard as hell. I know many people don’t like us, because we are pushing hard and somewhat more visible but to be honest, I don’t even know what it all means. All I know is, the underground punks in Asia like our band so they invited us. That’s all what we want.

What was your greatest experience?

Gigs. I guess we are not big enough tourists. So I would say that feeling when you play a normal, solid concert, people are dancing and singing your lyrics and then you realise that you are on the other side of the globe. And those songs sung by some guy in the audience in Beijing or Nagano, were actually written in your apartment in Butovice, Prague 13.

Is there any difference between touring Europe and Asia?

Sure. You cannot simply hit the van with the boys at Chodov and arrive at Frankfurt in the evening. Asia is all about system, service, but also obedience and full reliance on the tour manager. You are on odd paths on superfast trains or even driving in ten people in a van for six. However, there are also hotels and such. Craziness. We are simply not used to that in Europe. It has its pros and cons, but it is absolutely awesome. I mean both examples.

What is your dream destination for tour?

USA. Australia. Canada (on a bigger scale than last time). Most probably those places where this whole craziness called punk rock / hardcore or whatever you call it, originated. But also any place that gives back all the energy and love we bare bringing there. So it may as well be Brno or Bratislava.

Where can your fans see you in the near future?

Well the Czechoslovak audience is more than welcome to join us at the annual family gathering called Žižkovská noc in March. We’re also going on a small trip to Germany and Austria in February, and hopefully will do a tour in the rest of Europe and the UK later this spring.