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Neries Mango Loco photoshoot

Interview: Nerieš releases new album 311

Aug 012021

Nerieš released their brand new album 311 full of bangers and summer vibes. Listen to it below and checkout the quickfire interview. See you at the show!

Your new album 311 has just been released, how satisfied are you with the result and the response from the fans?

It is brutal!


Can you say stop d when creating, save the final track and never return to it, or would you change something even after the release?

Sure! We are currently so advanced in the music we make that we know exactly when the song is finished and we don't have to go back to it.


The video for the song Viem still holds the 1st place in trends. Are you planning more clips?

We are currently planning to shoot a clip for the song Bohém with Separ directed by Honza Strach.


How long did the album last? Did the covid situation influence you in the creation and the whole process?

The album was created thanks to the covid-19 lockdown and was recorded in less than a year.

The album has a great sound as always. In addition to Matěj's classic production, other production names such as Specialbeatz, Haarp, Jerry Lee and others appear on the album. How do you work with other producers? Do you get a lot of music?

Thank you.  Our cooperation with those names is great. They have the most professional approach, and the musicality that these guys have brought is so far unsurpassed either in numbers or in quality.


Your lyrics are always from life, so a lot of fans identify with them. How did the writing work, do you write the verses together or separately?

We always write verses alone and choruses together.


The whole album carries a pleasant vibe ideal for summer roadtrips and the pool. Do you solve the concept of the whole album or, for example, the order of the tracklist?

Not at all. All tracks are being born according to the current vibes and the whole concept showes up right before the finish.


One of the things that sets you apart from the rest of the domestic scene is, in addition to the feeling for hit choruses, also havign fun with other genres. We can often hear rock drums and other elements of guitar music. How do other genres besides rap inspire you?

Exactly as you indicated in the question.  We are not limited in music and we listen to all different genres, it will naturally be reflected in our songs, because we are innovative and not afraid to experiment so in the end we can still sound original.


The world is gradually disintegrating, concerts are being booked. What are your plans for the summer and the rest of the year?

Play as many concerts as possible with the new album. We are not bothered by anything else.

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