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Shots from Gymkhana Grid press conference and ride alongs.


Jul 302019

The tyre slaying showdown of the season touches down in Poland on September 7th.To mark the countdown to Gymkhana GRiD’s European Gauntlet final in Warsaw we checked in with the boss man himself - the Head Hoonigan in Charge - Ken Block.

As GRiD approaches its tenth world final, Ken shares his thoughts on heading to Warsaw, what he would drive if he made an appearance in the Rear-Wheel drive category, and just why Gymkhana GRiD is the best motorsport in the world.

How excited are you to take Gymkhana GRiD to Poland?
Ken Block: Bardzo podekscytowany! Celebrating GRiD’s tenth event in the city of Warsaw is going to be a good time for sure. We’ve got the fastest and most complex course designs in the series history lined up. I’m super excited to see everything go live.


Talk to us about seeing Gymkhana GRiD grow from your initial idea to what it is now…
Ken Block: It’s been great to watch the concept grow over the last ten years. The team at Monster Energy have done an excellent job developing and growing the competition in Europe and South Africa and I’m proud of the event we now have running. It’s always been my dream to bring Gymkhana to the masses in a somewhat reasonable and attainable way, and GRID does that.


What in your eyes makes Gymkhana GRiD the best motorsport format in the world?
Ken Block: There are so many reasons. However mainly because it’s easy to understand as a consumer with the head-to-head format. Gymkhana GRiD is exciting, fun, and the driving is aggressive! What more could you want?


Where do you see the future of Gymkhana GRiD?
Ken Block: Bigger, faster and better for sure. Hopefully it’s heading to more events on a more frequent basis in more locations.


How about a mixed surface Gymkhana GRiD competition? 
Ken Block: It’s certainly an idea I’ve had previously… so maybe!

What will you be driving in Warsaw on September 7th?
Ken Block: I’ll be bringing my all-new Ford Escort RS Cosworth aka Cossie 2.0 since it’s all-new and should do well on the course. Plus, GRID will be a part of my Cossie World Tour that I’m running all thru this year.


What is your favourite Gymkhana GRiD obstacle?
Ken Block: That’s a tough one… I’d say the giant tank with the fireworks from a few seasons ago is definitely up there. Although the enormous smashed TV in South Africa this last time was incredible.


If you ever made a rear-wheel drive class switch in Gymkhana GRiD, what car would you use?
Ken Block: I think I’d have to give it shot in my 1978 Ford Mk2 Escort finally. Ha.


What advice would you give to would-be Gymkhana GRiD drivers?
Ken Block: Make sure to STUDY the course map. It’s very easy to get lost out there, especially when you switch sides to the mirrored course!


Finally... Hoonicorn, Fiesta WRC, Cossie, Focus RSRX, Hoonitruck; which do you jump in first and why?
Ken Block: That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child, which is very unfair. That being said… the Hoonicorn is my favorite car to drive ever. It’s incredible with 1400 hp and the handling makes it so enjoyable to throw around a course.


Don’t forget tickets are available exclusively here. Alternatively media looking to cover the event, should apply via the official accreditation system here.