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Photos from Agnostic Front x Last Hope Live in Athens Greece.


Jul 032017

The legendary hardcore band Agnostic Front celebrate their 35th Anniversary with a big tour! On June 26, it was Athens turn to welcome them at Modu.

Monster Energy band from Bulgaria, Last Hope, appeared also on stage and we had a little chat with them.


Welcome to Greece. How are you?

I'm very good, just did soundcheck. We earlier went to Piraeus and later we plan to go to Acropolis,once again as usual when we come to Athens.

How was yesterday in Sofia?

Yesterday we had an insane sold out show. 800 people went totally crazy, one of the best shows in the last 3 years. They haven't played there a long time so it was a very special show.

How is touring with AF like?

For us again it's very special because AF is one of the bands that are very influential to us in the early days of Last Hope and still is. I know I might sound cliche' but it's a great honor for us to tour with such a legendary band, not just playing alongside but having a great friendship also for so many years. We've done that before so it was obvious we were going to be together for this tour.

Your last album Chain Reaction came out in 2016. Tell me a bit about it. Also what was the feedback from the fans?

For us this is our best record so far. As soon as it was released we did a really big tour with Madball, the Big Rebellion Tour. We probably have the best reactions and reviews from the audience so far and that helped us having a lot of shows, in small and big venues. We have also started writing some new songs but a new album is not going to be released before 2018.

Are you planning to do any changes in the upcoming record?

We wanna do something totally crazy but try stuff that is different from the past records. We'll see. Music is unpredictable.

Tell us your opinion on the Greek audience?

We love Greece. Some of our first hows outside of our country took place in Greece way back in the days so we have very special memories from this place. We'd like to come more often because it's not so far for us.

What are the top 3 hardcore bands in your list?

That's a difficult question. I should do a top 20 haha. Anyway my top 3 are probably Agnostic Front, Madball and Gorilla Biscuits.

We hope to see you soon again in Greece! Thank you!

I hope so too! Thanks for the hosting.