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Andreas Bakkerud at World Rally Cross

Interview with Andreas Bakkerud

May 272017

We caught up with Andreas Bakkerud at the 2017 World RX of Great Britain, at Lydden Hill, to discuss rallycross, Gymkhana Grid, his #BakkerudLife vlog and who would play him on the silver screen!


How are you feeling about this weekend?

I feel great. Last year, Lydden Hill was the turning point of the year for us with the Ford Focus RS RX. This season, we haven’t gotten the start of the championship we were hoping for but I really do hope Lydden Hill can be the turning point for us again.

What are your winner predictions for this weekend?

Lydden Hill has always been a track I’ve done well at. I won my first ever World Championship race here in 2014, and I have been in every final at Lydden since the World Championship started. I definitely feel that I should be up there fighting again this year. You need to make sure you don’t make any mistakes because the level of competition is so high. Every time I put my name on the entry list I’m there to win, and I believe I have a good chance to do that!

Tell us about your car this season

We’ve run it for one year now, and I feel very comfortable with the car, the team, and everyone involved. I feel very confident in the car, and feel like I can do what I like with it. As long as we come to events like Lydden Hill, we can set a good pace and be at the top.

What have you got coming up this Summer?

The biggest thing for me, other than Rally Cross is Gymkhana Grid in South Africa. That should be a big highlight, that’s a crazy event and you get to have a lot of fun behind the wheel. It’s not an event that is critical to win during the season, but it’s definitely the event with the most amount of fun because you get to do things you don’t usually get to do in a car.  Besides that, I’m doing some go-kart racing. I’m trying to do some different events, I think Rally Cross is the motorsport answer to MMA, it’s a great mix. You get to drag race into the first corner; it’s got side-by-side action, drifting, rallying on the gravel, tarmac racing. I think it’ll be cool to do some drifting this year. I’m doing a local Norwegian Championship in folk race which is like a cheap motorsport, like trash cars. That should be good!

Other than driving cars, what else do your hobbies include?

It changes a lot. I’ve been travelling a lot. I’ve been mountain biking with Ken [Block], and tried jet skiing and other water sports stuff like that. I really enjoy cross-fit and hiking too. Vlogging as well! #BakkerudLife is something I’m having a lot of fun with. It’s new to me, I want to bring my audience closer to me in a different way. For them to see what I’m doing, and experience what I do daily. I do think that I live a very different life compared to a lot of people. I have a unique opportunity to show people what it is like living in motorsport. So it’s pretty cool and I have so much fun filming and sharing it. You guys should check it out!

If you were in a movie, who would play you?

Brad Pitt! Haha!