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Interview with Andri Allas – the main organiser of MängudeÖÖ

Nov 042018

MängudeÖÖ is one of the biggest gaming events in Estonia taking place in a cinema allowing us all to enjoy gaming on the large screens – making it even more exciting than it already is. We sat down with Andri Allas – the main organiser of this event – to chat about the MängudeÖÖ past and future.

How and when MängudeÖÖ was created?

It all started in 2010 when I was working in a local cinema. During late night shifts I invited some friends over and we just played games on the big screen. It was really fun therefore, we decided to invite more friends and create an event out of it. The first public event was in 2011 though.


How did it grow to MängudeÖÖ as we know it?

It happened quite naturally. For the first 2 years, we organised events at Cinema Saku and it had only one cinema room. The last event we did there had 200 visitors. After that, we were approached by another cinema who wanted to have a similar event. From that point on we started to grow quickly. We didn`t plan it, it just happened.


What is the hardest part about organising the event?

In the past few years so much has changed in the gaming scene. When we started no one knew what this thing called e-sports is. We only had this very rough concept – some guys organising LAN parties in their basements. For us, the main goal was to create an entertainment. The hardest part has been to make partners understand, that this event is not meant for children, nor for these classical, stereotypical gamers. This event is about bringing gaming out of the mist to the public. Half of the Estonian population plays some sort of games. We must communicate that gaming isn`t something you should be ashamed of, it`s just another form of entertainment.


What makes MängudeÖÖ stand out?

The biggest difference is the location - cinema. We have these large screens for tournaments and the platform itself is very special. As the event is held during the night time, we have a strict age limit policy and you won`t see some 12-year olds just running around. We organise MängudeÖÖ in a way that we would love to be there ourselves.

Where do you find the motivations for organising this event?

We have a very strong fan base, who are waiting for events and are supporting us. The biggest motivation is other events – I go there, and I don`t like to be there, because a lot of events are lacking that extra level in them. That makes me want to make something special at my event.


Have you planned something different for this time?

For the first time ever, we will have a daypart as well. Cinema Solaris is as big as it is, and we have a ton of people who are not able to attend the night part. Therefore, we are organising something for them. I don`t know how it will end up and will we achieve the same quality as in classical MängudeÖÖ, but I will do my best to make the same event, but with a different programme and tailored for younger gamers.


Can you recall your favourite MängudeÖÖ moment?

It`s not really a moment, but every girlfriend I had during organising MängudeÖÖ weren`t so much as a gamer, but thanks to MängudeÖÖ they became more involved and are in better thoughts about the whole gaming scene. The greatest thing is the guys with whom I have started this, they have become my best friends., in general, is a friendly community and MängudeÖÖ brings people together!


Click here for more information about the MängudeÖÖ Fall 2018, taking place already on 10th of November. See you there!