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Monster energy attending the 2015 ASUS Final in Svitavy, Czech Republic


Mar 032016

Last year, just a weekend before the Christmas, Svitava culture centre Fabrika hosted ninth continuation of unique local gaming show ASUS FINALS 9, which decided on new champions of National and Rog Masters leagues. The final spectacle attracted to Svitavy hundreds of gaming enthusiasts. Fans cheered up all 150 players to excellent performance and we have witnessed breath taking top international matches. The event was attended over the two weekend days, by over 1,300 fans and the live stream on channel was watched by 120,000 unique viewers, which is double the number compared to last year! ASUS Finals 9 therefore became most viewed gaming event in the Czech Republic in 2015. Today, we are interviewing founder of ASUS Finals Ondřej smOke Báča, who is also a founder and moderator of gaming portal


Your project has been founded almost seven years ago and belongs among the best gaming tournament organizers in the Czech Republic. How would you describe it to someone, who doesn’t know it? What was your motivation to start this website?

I have created after finishing studying at the ITC Faculty at the Masaryk University in Brno. During that period I have been deciding, if I should put my life`s passion for competing in PC games into practice or throw myself into the arms of the system as an employee. Luckily the enthusiasm won and I`m extremely glad that I had dropped into it. Since my childhood I was a great enthusiast for the PC and gaming and as a true oldschooler I started playing Solitaire and Minesweeper at my mom’s work. I spent High School playing Ultima Online on Dark Paradise server. After embarking on university I fell for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, thanks to which I learned about the atmosphere of clan wars and for the first time, I saw the commented match. It impressed me so much that I decided that this is exactly what I wanted to do. I started as a community commentator, worked hard on myself and gradually developed radio focused on commented matches in PC games. Eventually, I got in touch with local gaming community, the best players and teams. Together with a bunch of friends, we began to focus on creating news until we decided to create our own organization Hitpoint. We were lucky that we got ASUS as a partner, which enabled us to go ahead full speed and together we started to work on building the best domestic league. Our goal from the beginning was to move gaming from the anonymous environment of the Internet in particular presentable form and organize professional events that would introduce this starting phenomenon to the general public. I think that over the years, we have succeeded. Now, thanks to it`s huge interest in the world, where stadiums are filled with fans and millions of viewers are watching, it is not necessary to introduce the electronic sports. It is not coincidence that eSports can be now compared to extreme sports and their history of punk community events emerged into the limelight of mainstream. Therefore, we can now concentrate on organizing events and the best media outputs of our professional contests and broadcasting the biggest international events in the world. The biggest success came since we started organizing events for fans and audience. Other organisations were focused on players only and didn’t have any real audience. Many people tried to tell me that it has no future and won’t be successful, however after we sold out our first event at the cinema in Brno, I knew, it was the right path. If you want to learn more about eSport and our history, I suggest watching interview for Brno TV

You are organizing already tenth ASUS Finals this year, can you tell us something about the history of this event?

It is incredible how the time flies. As I already said, I wanted to organize events like I knew from abroad – with live audience. We have focused on the legendary duel titles Quake Live and Starcraft 2. The first attempt took place on 4th of December 2010 at the Velký Špalíček cinema in Brno, where everything went well. I recommend watching our archive edit In search of bigger and cheaper space, we then ran into Břetislav Bakala Hall, where we well settled and for a period of 3 years organized six events. Then came the crucial turning point, when we decided to take a risk and move event back to our hometown Svitavy where we have great background thanks to cooperation with local regional TV. By that time, online streaming became massively popular and we wanted to show that we can not only organize the event, but also prepare perfect production. ASUS Finals has been therefore taking place in the Fabrika Svitavy since the 7th issue and fans can also watch the online stream. We started supporting the most popular team games League of Legends and later also Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Gradually we improved technical support and thank to the ability to broadcast from our own TV studio, the production went up rapidly. When we add the great multifunctional spaces of Fabrika, we are gradually making Svitavy a true city gaming :)

The last ASUS Finals recorded a record attendance and viewership, what is the reason for such a huge success?

As in other fields, the event`s success is always result of hard work and accumulated experience. Similar events also can not be organized without the support of partners. For me there is no greater reward than seeing the reality of what we dreamed a long time ago. Generally, we were lucky that we caught in a wave of interest in competing in PC games in its infancy, and we have been feeding it together for several years. Generally, it is necessary to monitor trends and focus on the future, to invest and trust. My personal goal and great passion is production and efforts to bring more new gadgets. The largest share of the record numbers goes of course to our fans. The atmosphere in the hall at our events is always great and gradually increases; we cannot hesitate to compare it with what is happening in world events. It is great to see the audience enjoying eSport, players showing great performances and it all fits together beautifully. Considerable share of the success of the event also has a production team, commentators and of course the tens of thousands of spectators on the stream, who enjoy it with us, wherever they may be.

Is there anything that surprised you at ASUS Finals? What were the highlights of the tournament?

Generally, I was proud of the innovations that we have managed to implement to the event. Great achievement was to provide official support for League of Legends developers, a large number of quality cosplayers or selection of the best commentators in the field. I was mostly surprised by the actual courseof somematchesand their results. There was an unexpected twist, and thanks to a great audience, I have experienced several goose bumps on stage. The favourite of League of Legends tournament Fraternitas lost already the first match in a nerve-wracking duel with eXtatus. The team that barely got into the action, then even officiated in the final and celebrated their debut title. We also gave more space to Counter Strike for the first time and it rewarded us with perhaps the best matches that history of our community remembers. It was again a story of a black horse Majestic Lions, which served heart-attack moments. Especially when they turned the match with favourite eSuba and fought bravely in finals until the final map with the winners from nEophyte.

Jubilee ASUS Finals 10 will be definitely again a bit further, can you tell us what are your plans?

We are preparing once again the best game show around, which should not be missed by any fan of electronic sports and interactive fun! This year we want to make a lot of improvements in the online processing of the league and for the grand finale, of course, we are preparing great surprises. I will keep them for myself now, but who know us can certainly suspect it will be real mad! All players should now start to train properly because the season starts with preliminaries in late March and then will be closed from April to the end of June to fight for the title of Great Masters Cups. I recommend watching our website and Facebook Thank you very much for the opportunity of the interview, and I`ll look forward to you all at our streams;)