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BMX competition at Malaga, Spain.

Interview with BMX Monster Athletes at Money For Trick

Nov 042016

More than 200 riders from all over Spain and Europe, gather together this past weekend in Malaga to show their best and take a few bucks in Money For Trick. Among the riders we meet the Monster Energy athletes: Jason Eustathiou from Greece, Greg Illingworth from South Africa and the French Kevin Kalkoff.. and yes! We managed to take a break to catch up and talk about Bikes, Tricks and of course Money.

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Is this your first time in Spain?

Jason Eustathiou: First time in Malaga, but not Spain, I’ve been in Barcelona, 3 times, Malaga has impressed me it's really good so many good spots in the streets, and of course the good weather and great good food.Greg Illingworth: No, i have been in Spain a few time, this is my second time in malaga. Kevin Kalkoff: Not my first time i used to ride here and lived in Malaga for a few months as well.

Why did you fall in love with Spain?

Jason: Cause the good weather, the corners with nice the colors, and a lot of cool spots to ride. Greg Illingworth: The whether, the laid back lifestyle is very relaxing.. i love siesta cause i'm always wake up really early so it's perfect for my lifestyle, to recharge energy with a power nap.

What´s the thing you miss the most when you are out?

Jason Eustathiou: My dog, iris.  Kevin Kalkoff: Family and friends of course. Greg: Family and friends, and my cat, he is really cool, you can follow his instagram, president_cutin.

It´s your first time at Money For Trick?

Greg Illingworth Sudafrica I was in malaga like 4 months ago but it's my first time here in Money For Trick, i knew this park, it's really famous and Rubén Alcántara, it took me too long to come to see it and it's everything that i was waiting for, it's just incredible i'm having a lot of fun.   Kevin Kalkoff: It's my second time here, competing, it was a cool experience but it was raining, the competition was very chill, i won best style so it was really cool.

Between you all, who got the best tricks?

Jason Eustathiou: Everyone got a special talent here, the local guys are pretty good.  Greg Illingworth: Sergio and Kevin.  Kevin Kalkoff: Greg

Do you got any secret weapon you are going to use tomorrow at the comp?

Greg Illingworth: I got a secret engine, i just push this button and take flight. (laughs)

How many BMX trips you have done in a year?

Jason: 4 amazing trips, Berlin was my fav.  Greg: 7 trips, we did an amazing trip thru South Africa, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, we did safari charity work, it was really good.  Kevin Kalkoff: I don’t know exactly, US, Malaga, England, 9 or 10, But The Monster trip to Croatia was the best one.