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Bury Tomorrow + Monster Energy Stage at Slam Dunk

Interview with Bury Tomorrow

Jun 132017

After coming off their latest “Earthbound” tour, Bury Tomorrow took on Slam Dunk festival. We caught up with Kristan, Davyd and Adam after their set to get the latest in band life.

You’ve just come back of yet ANOTHER amazing tour, what was the funniest moment from it?

Kristan: Dav, downing 1.5 litres of water in quick succession and throwing up instantly. 

Dav: It was very funny and refreshing. I felt hydrated for days.

Kristan: I know it sounds really tame, “rock n roll” downing water but it was great seeing him projectile clear water. We have ‘civilised fun’ or ‘organised fun’ if you will.

You were out with the guys in Crossfaith who are known for their insane stage show… did you guys have a “who can rock out the hardest competition”?

Kristan: I think we go into every show with a “who can rock out the hardest tonight” 

Dav: I just go into a show figuring out who is the hardest. 

Kristan: It’s a war!

Dav: The stage is a war zone and we are mere players. We are soldiers of metal.

Kristan: Don’t get me wrong. The game changes, but the players stay the same.

Dav: We’re the best, so far we’re undefeated. There’s no one who can come close to us. Imagine if we had pyro. You’d be like, Slipknot who? Rammstein who? It’s Bury fucking Tomorrow!

Kristan: We are a bit more humble than that has come across. I just want to put that out there

We’re here at Slamdunk, how does it compare to other festivals you’ve played vibe-wise?

Dav: Every date is different at this one which is super weird. Even though it’s the exact same line up, the first show felt like an arena show. The second one felt like an actual big festival. Today feels like a smaller festival vibe about it. It’s quite odd

Kristan: Today feels a little tame, not in terms of reaction, I do quite like today because it’s easier to watch bands. Everyday is different. In regards to other festivals, I think this is a lot more diverse. Metal on main stage is quite a rarity. It’s good that metal is being perceived in that way from our point of view.

After the success of Earthbound, have you guys already started recording for your next album?

Dav: We’re still in the planning stages

Adam: We’re plotting our battle. We’re putting our pieces down to plot our strategy for the war that will come.

Dav: Our next album is called ‘Bury Tomorrow: War”

Which track off Earthbound are you most proud of?

Dav: 301 for me, just because I got to live out a childhood fantasy of having Jamie Jasta on there with us

Adam: I think ‘Last Light’ has been a bit of revelation for me of how big that song has been with our fans. My personal favourite off the album is ‘For Us’. I love that song. I love how the track came together, I was really into it when we were writing it. We were on tour at the time and it was cool. We were trying to write when we were on tour and some of that was good and other parts were a bit stressful. We were in Germany, in the dressing room and we wrote a lot of it before we played the show, came back in the dressing room to work on it, there was a cool vibe. It’s got my favourite break down on the record. It’s just a cool song. We haven’t as yet, played it live.

Kristan: I’m quite torn because, we spent a lot of time on them all. Other than the songs we wrote on tour, it was me sat in my bedroom so I I’ve got quite sentimental ties to them. Probably ‘Memories’ because that’s quite a different song for us in general. A personal favourite for me would be ‘Cemetary’. Like Adam, I do like ‘For Us’ it’s a bit more straight forward. I am very proud of that album as a whole so it’s hard to choose.

Dav: ‘War’ will be better… [joking]

Kristan: It’s not going to be called ‘War’…

Dav: It’s a working title…

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Slamdunk?

Kristan: Real Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Turnover as well and Milk Teeth were really good!

Adam: For me it’s been great to watch Don Broco, they’re good guys. It’s going to be wicked to watch Enter Shikari. Beartooth is good. Also, I haven’t been able to watch them because they’re on right before us but We Are The Ocean, it was sick to hear a lot of their songs because they’ve been a great band. I’ll give a shout out to those guys as well, they will be missed.

Dav: I am really looking forward to our set. We’re the best.

Any final words?

Dav: Thanks to Monster for fuelling our fucking warzone!

Adam: Thank you to everyone who supports our band.

Kristan: Unleash the fucking beast.