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Jason shreds an abandoned building in Southern Athens


Jul 192016

We are eagerly awaiting all year long, for the opportunity of endless street riding in  Athens along with Greek and foreign riders, during the BMX day!! This year the  Street Series will be hosted in Athens during BMX Day! We met Monster Energy rider Jason Eustathiou and spoke with him about it..


What's  BMX Day?

BMX Day was born last year. It's taking place the same day in different cities all over the world. Street Series is happening the same day in five selected cities worldwide. Monster Energy riders will be Joining us!

Tell us about last year's BMX Day.

Last year we organised our own BMX Day. It became very popular from the moment it was announced. Riders from all ages were there and we had so much fun riding the city all day!! We have started at OAKA Plaza and headed to the  Athens Center.

This year Street Series is going to visit Athens. Tell us about it.

This year, a very strong gang of BMX riders consisting of Ed Zunda, Dillon Lloyd, Moritz Nussbaumer and Adam 22 is going to ride with us in Athens. OAKA Plaza is going to be the meeting spot at 12pm. Starting from there we'll visit more riding spots downtown. After that it's party time all night long, at Big Mouth in Chalandri!!

What are your feelings now that such a big event is coming to Athens?

I'm stocked cause i have the opportunity to ride along with my local and foreign friends. I'm sure everyone is going to have a great time, and I can't wait to see the benefits of such an event in the local BMX scene. It's surely gonna set the bar higher!!


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