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Images with Karlis Sabulis

Interview with Karlis Sabulis

Oct 022017

We caught up with Karlis Sabulis to find out a bit more about his life as a motocross rider.

I want the main title. It’s every riders dream to take the GP title.

How did you start riding motocross and how it evolved?

A friend of my family was one of the best riders in Latvia. They kept taking me to his races and that’s how I started. They bought me a bike, I started riding and now I`m here. I was 7 years old. First 2 years were just for fun and then I started riding better and started thinking that maybe I should really work for it. I kept on improving, some results came in and we realised we can really make something out of this. We built our lifestyle more or less around motocross. It was a nice start. Most of the time I was riding on my own. My Latvian team came up to me and made me an offer to ride together in MX Moduls team. They supported me a lot and still do. Then we started competing in the European championships together. They were able to bring me to the races and bike was good as well. Results started getting better and I made some top 10 finishes as a private rider. Last year Yamaha noticed me in France and made me an offer to replace an injured rider in their team.

What are your best results so far?

I have won some titles in local races, in Latvian championships in MX2. I am happy about that of course, but my personal best was last years MXGP in Mexico. I finished 12th in both MX classes and 11th overall. I couldn’t believed that. Everybody was talking maybe I could get some points. So I went there and did it. I was feeling it. That was amazing. That was the highest point in my career so far.

So, whats your dream?

Of course I want the main title. It’s every riders dream to take the GP title. Maybe for some riders it’s not possible, but the dream is still there. You start from something small and then go bigger. For me, I know I have some bad races, but I’m still fighting for title in European class and I know that I can do it. Then we will see what’s coming next.



you have to eat what what your body is asking for

Have you ever though on going in Supercross direction?

We have this International Racing Riga, they organise an event in arena, like arena supercross. It wasn’t very large, but I think it’s nice for the show. You can have more friends there comparing to motocross. Also, I went to America 2 years ago, for training camp. Attended Supercross in Anaheim race there as well and it was really nice to watch. Seeing that all live was amazing. Maybe some day I will join as well. Will see.

Do you like any other motorsport?

I like MotoGP. Some riders are coming to MXGP as well. Couple years ago in MXGP only first 3 places had intense competition, but now you can see the top 10 being very close and competitive. The same thing is happening in MotoGP now. There are many Yamaha guys, which is nice.

Where were you usually training? What are the conditions for that here in Latvia?

In my hometown, there is a track. It was very popular 10 years ago. I also have many tracks around my house, private tracks. Guys know me and they allow me to race there. So that’s good for practicing. In other countries there are more riders comparing to Latvia. Usually when you go to the track you are almost alone. So you can do anything you want on that track and don’t be bothered by others.

How often do you train and do you have any restrictions when it comes to food?

Yeah, we train a lot, two times a day and I spend a lot of energy. My trainer always says – you have to eat what you want, what your body is asking for. Of course, if you want a burger, you can’t have that. Instead have something healthy, but what your body asks for. I try to stay healthy and not eat too much. Sometimes I enjoy a pizza when I am in Italy. Its like a Sunday food, but not too often. Eating healthy is part of the success.

So you cheat food would be pizza?

Yeah, in Italy its really good.

Where do you live right now?

I live near Milan, which is very close to my workshop. I have my own apartment. My Italian trainer lives close as well. We can manage everything. I spend most of my time in Italy.

What can you tell us about your teammates?

I have good relationships with my teammates. Deron, who is injured right now, and I have a very good relationship, he is a cool guy. Also the same with Maksim. He is injured right now too. Both are really cool guys. When we have free time we spend it together and have fun. Talk about girls and everything. Nick as well is a nice guy. I know him for 2 years, he was racing in European championships as well. We spent some time together, so we are texting and keeping in touch is always a nice thing. And with the team, they are so nice. And as you know with Italian people, they are always so kind and lovely. They also work really hard to keep my bike in best condition. Then its just me, who needs to make the best results. It’s always a teamwork.

What do you do outside of motocross world? Any hobbies?

Yeah, I love fishing. When I go home, I spend a lot of time with my best friend, who is here right now, he is watching me race. And we go fishing a lot when we have free time, which is really nice. Its really relaxing and you can clear your mind and calm yourself down.

If you were to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would prefer some warm weather, some water. Beach. Last year my mother brought me to Mexico during winter time. It was amazing. Like a paradise. I would like to go there back again.

Do you sing in shower?

Yes, sometimes. I have my speaker box in there. As I live alone in Italy, I put it on and enjoy the music.

Do you have a nickname?

Yeah, I do, but it’s not easy to translate from Latvian. Its from one cartoon – Rapunzel. Only the word is in Latvian – Salātlapiņš. I used to have long hair. We went to hotel, I had a hat. And when I took it off, my hair looked like Rapunzel’s hair.