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Photos from the latest live show of Monster Energy band Suicidal Angels in Athens Greece


Mar 152017

After their big show in Athens and just before their tour in Latin America, we spoke with the frontman of Suicidal Angels.


Division of blood European Tour 2016 - 28 concerts. How was the tour, which show was the best for you and why?

This was our most successful tour to date. The atmosphere between the bands was very friendly, the venues were full of people and the mood was great. I cannot make a discrimination between the concerts, because all of them were great but generally it was a wonderful experience as a tour. Of course playing in cities like Munich, Essen, Frankfurt, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, London, Vosselaar is pretty intense, but its a whole package of new experiences. that make this tour our most significant to date.

You will be visiting Latin America soon. Talk to us about it.

Latin America is a special occasion. Due to social and political reasons, metal shows were not common in these countries. People there are starving for metal right now and the crowd is huge in numbers. It's going to be a fantastic experience for us. We visited Latin America back in 2013, but we played live only in Mexico and Brazil. This time we'll tour the whole continent. It's a long and tiring journey, especially because we'll be travelling by plane mostly.  Regardless we are looking forward to it. Witnessing the flame and passion in the crowd's eyes pays off emotionally!

After 3 years, you came back to play in Athens. How do you feel touring Greece and what is your opinion in the Greek crowd? 

A live in Athens is something very special for us. Personally i see people in the crowd that I have sat for a coffee or two, drank beers or have partied in the past. So you can  understand that this makes the concert very special because I play infront of old friends. Certainly the stress and anxiety for the concert always leads to a burst of magic energy during the concert and ends in a big party afterwards. It's an amazing feeling and privilege to play your music in front of a big crowd that consists of mostly your friends and people you know. I believe that Athens will always be something special for us.

Your latest work came out in 2016 - Division Of Blood. What was the audience feedback?

Division Of Blood was very much loved from the audience. The critics we have received till now are very positive and all of them depict Division Of Blood as the most mature work we have in our career so far, and this makes us very happy. Proof of this is that our album posed in the german charts the first week of publish. For us this is very important because our last 4 albums pose in the charts of one or more European countries.

Do you have anything in the works right now?

There are always new ideas and we don't fancy sitting around wasting time. Before every rehearsal, we jam and there are always some new things coming up, but for now there's nothing that's complete. Personally I don't like pushing things. It's about making music and it has to be spontaneous, from the bottom of your soul and authentic, or else the audience is going to realise it's fake and be dissapointed. Also, nowadays the music audience is very demanding and also unforgiving. That way you have to give it your all, so we don't rush things because we like our albums to be quality work.

Describe us the most unforgettable moment of your tour.

Touring unforgettable on it's own. No matter how pefrect you organize it, there is always something that might go wrong regardless of your experience. What will be unforgettable for me, was the love we received from the crowd. The attendance, the audience participation, the screams, the singing was all great and in the end everyone  left our show with a big smile in their faces. Another unforgettable moment in our tour was that almost all of had food poisoning and had high fever. We were lucky to catch it between concerts though.