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MX Open Gbely Slovakia motocross series

Interview with Osička MX team rider Filip Neugebauer

Jun 012017

Osička MX team rider Filip Neugebauer is one of the best Czech MX riders, born and living in Brno. After his injury earlier this year, he already managed to win the MX Open Gbely and is ready to defend his title in DM Open. 

Filip neugebauer interview

Hi Filip, thank you for taking the time to talk. Like every year, you've got a busy schedule since the beginning of the season, what events are ahead of you?

Hi, you are welcome. Start of my season was a bit complicated as I broke my collarbone right before the beginning so I focused only on races that were a priority for me and where I was going for the overall result such as ADAC Masters and German championship DM Open. So I haven’t done many races so far.

How are you satisfied with the results of ADAC Masters and DM Open so far?

My races so far were quite painful due my injury and the results were far beyond the expectations. However it was much better in the last three weeks plus I have a month break in Germany so I can get to better shape.

How does it look like with MXoN?

The only think I know is that I want to ride MXoN on 450 and not MX2 like I did in the past years. We will see what condition am I going to be in during this season and wheather I am going to be selected to the team...

Do you have any goals for this season?

To defend my title in DM Open, which could be hard after not very good start, but we will see. I would also like to return to podium in ADAC after a few years. That might not be a great result in the total standings, but I would like to reach podium in some of the separate races.

You won the MX Open Gbely few days ago. How did you enjoy the race?

It was great. I took part in Slovak championship after quite a long time and I must say that they did a great deal of work. Those races are on top level.

MX Open is new Slovak series, what do you think of that event?

It is great that Slovaks are doing that and I give it A plus.

Are you going to take place in more races of this series?

If everything goes ok I will take place in two more.

You live in Brno, ride for foreign team, and travel a lot. Do you have time for some hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

In last two years, I have been spending my free time building our new house, however I like to go to mountains, ride bicycle or hang out with my friends.

Motocross is definitely challenging physically, mentally and financially. What would you recommend to amateur riders or complete beginners?

The most important is if it fulfils you and you can enjoy it. As you say it is very difficult and dangerous sport and it would make no sense to force yourself into it.

How have you started with motocross?

I started riding for fun at the age of three and I really loved it. However first years were all about fun without any future plans. I was doing it quite well and at the age of 12 I signed first contract for professional team. I spent 4 years in that team, than went to another one and that continued until now.