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Riso Tury winning Cassovia Skate Cup 2016

Interview with Rišo Tury

Jul 192016


Hi Rišo, you have very successful spring behind you, you are seen on podiums on most of the events you take part in, what are your next plans?

Hi! I am flying to Tokyo to attend World Cup Skateboarding today. I have only decided to go there a few days ago. After Japan, I have to arrange Russian visas, as I will be going to Moscow to competition right in the centre of the city. After Russia, there is another World Cup Skateboarding in Vigo, Spain. At the end of August, I am planning to take part in Monster Energy Spot Quest tour and in the beginning of September; I am flying to FISEA World to the USA. After that, I also plan to attend some other European competitions.

One of your latest successes is third place at Mystic skate cup in Prague. Congrats!! What was it like? Have you prepared the runs before or did you improvise?

Thank you. I had planned my run for some time already before the event and I didn’t change it at all, but in case of the organised jam, which took place after the runs, it was mostly freestyle for me. It was really calm and I could think about what tricks and where I am going to do. In the end, it worked out well and I ended up third.

You took part in GP Beroun a few days before Mystic. It seems like it is cursed for you. How do you think about it looking back?

Beroun is perfect every year. There is super chill atmosphere and loads of friends so I was having a great time as if I was at home. I planned to finish in top 3, but I ended up sixth. Anyway I don’t feel bad about it and it doesn’t change anything about my mood, because as I said there was a really good atmosphere.

Which of this year’s WCS competitions did you enjoy the most?

Definitely GP Beroun. Not only the event itself was perfectly organised, but I had also premiere of my street part edit at the after party and it was quite successful. I had a lot of positive feedback from the people so I am very happy about that. And of course, I have enjoyed the party that was mega as every year in Beroun.

I’ve heard that you are on third place in the WCS so far and you have a chance to win. How many more stops are you going to attend and who is the biggest competition?

I plan two more WCS events – Tokyo and Vigo. There should be probably one more event in Moscow at the end of this year. I guess there is a chance, but it depends on how do I perform on the next stops. The competition is really great this year and every stop was on totally different level than previous years regarding the tricks.

You are flying to Tokyo today. Tell us more about the event.

It is first WCS event in Japan ever so I am really curious. I personally don’t know what should I expect, because I have never been to Japan. Anyway there will be riders from all around the world, who regularly take part in the Championship.

I guess you are looking forward than. ☺ Are you going to shoot some videos on street as well?

Yeah, I am definitely looking forward. It will be my first visit of Japan and our friend Daisuke, who was in Beroun, will guide us, so as a local, he will show us around. If I will have some free time, I would definitely like to check out street spots in Tokyo and shoot something interesting.