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Richard Tury, skate, Ultra Citron photoshoot.

Interview with Rišo Tury

May 112017

Rišo is currently one of the best skateboarders on this planet, after his major injury last summer, now he's fully recovered and prepares for another successful season. We caught him in Barcelona, where he trains for the upcoming SLS competition. Enjoy the interview.

interview with rišo tury

Hi Rišo, how are you doing and how do you recover after your injury, is it all right?

Hi, I’m doing great, currently skateboarding in Barcelona. After the last X-ray check with the doctor, the hand was grown together, the titanium bolt holds there, and the momentum is at 90% back. I also tested it on skateboard during couple of falls and it seems to hold. ☺

How did it happen?

I broke it actually twice last year. First time at the competition in Amsterdam, during qualification, when my board hit me in the face and I fell on my hands. It grew together after two months and a few months later I fell on that hand again in Budapest, where I broke the navicular bone in the wrist. Because it didn’t grow together after three more months, I had to have a surgery, during which they put a titanium screw in my bone that will be there forever.

You have another successful season behind you, finished third in the overall WCS standings... What was the biggest highlight for you?

My biggest achievements are definitely: 1st place at the Amsterdam Open, 3rd place at Mystic skate cup and 1st place and best trick at X-Mas Jam in Trondheim, Norway.


Is there any park or place on this planet you like the most?

China is always interesting to me. It has great atmosphere, interesting cities and great people... All of the cities look like they were built for skateboarding. However my most favourite place might be Kulturpark in Košice, which is in the city centre, has nice environment, great atmosphere and most importantly it is a legal skateboarding spot in city streets.

There are many important events coming up for you, such as Street league in Barcelona, do you actually prepare specially for each competition depending on the skate park / riders or do you plan your run at the event?

In case of SLS Barcelona, I was invited again after two years so I decide to train there since the skate park is already there. I have been there already twice and I want to get ready for that park, as it was my local.

In June, the local massacre called GP Beroun takes place. It seems to be a bit cursed for you, what might bet he reason why?

I have no idea, but it is funny... I have won the qualification in Beroun almost every year, hopefully it will change this year and I will get further and end up on the podium. However, I always enjoy Beroun, no matter what.


What are your plans and goals for this year?

There will be a lot of traveling, both competitions and tours, so it'll be pretty busy. In June, I will have degree examination so I have to pass it between competitions. Let’s see what else this year brings.

A much-discussed topic these days is skateboarding at the Olympics. What is your opinion on this? Do you think this is good for skateboarding or does it not belong there? Are you planning to qualify?

My opinion is certainly positive. I think that it could change opinion of many people, who still think skateboarding is a bad sport. It could also help to start building more skate parks or halls for training. As a big plus, I see that the state will start more supporting this sport. If possible, I would definitely like to participate and qualify for the Olympics.

You have achieved quite a lot during your skateboarding careeer. what is your dream?

My dream is the same as the dream of every skater – becoming professional rider. I would also like to skate as long as my health allows me.