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Photoshoot for Mule NPD with SK ambassador ResttPowered

Introducing Resttpowered

Oct 302021

We are happy to introduce a brand-new member of the Monster energy family! Meet Resttpowered, Slovak gamer, entertainer and popular Twitch streamer.

Welcome to the Monster Energy family! How are you and what are you doing today?

Haha, hello. Thanks for the welcome. It still somehow don’t get that I've gone so far. I mean, from a gamer and a slacker to Monster ambassador. And as for how I feel and what I do, if we have a place to wake up and we're healthy, then we're still fine, aren't we? And what about today? A few breaths in, a few breaths out, chilling on couch with the dogs, training and some food.


If you were to introduce yourself to our readers who don't know you yet, what would you say about yourself?

I don't think the vast majority of people who are reading this article know me, and that may be good since we don't have time to waste time… But when I have the space and someone wants to spend a few minutes…


My name is Mišo for most people know me as Restt. I am around 30 and I would probably call myself the internet entertainer? the internet as an entertainer? I can't define what I do myself. People box me out as Youtuber, but I really hate that because they are all beautiful and perfect and they will do and say anything for likes and views. Kudos to exceptions. I play games without cuts x hours a day on I work out and of course I breathe in the first place.


What was the first game you ever played?

Wow… since, as I said above, I'm around 30 and it's been a while since the first game. But I started quite young with 2D Prince of Persia, Bomberman and these, but let's say I fell for it later with Quake and Half Life Multiplayer, where we spent honestly too much time in the game room.


When did you first think of streaming and what led you to it?

You know what, maybe it was different story, but I don't remember it at all. However, what I recall and I can say with certainty is that I lost a bet with a gulloshow (a guy who tries to look like he has a sense of humour, hello if you read it). But if I had to break it down all the way, so in a nutshell… I lost the bet and had to stream every day for 90 days without shaving (at least I think), and after 90 days, which I passed as a boss, of course I had the opportunity to continue what I did before, plus I was quite into crossfit and competing or take a new path by streaming games. I applied for a partnership, they accepted me and after some time I risked it.  I started playing fulltime and gave leaving notice at my work.

Were you nervous?

On the contrary, I was completely calm and I really enjoyed it. Those beginnings, when the first spectator came, the second, the fifth, the 15th... For a while, we filled the cinema every night, and when I look at it, come on, quite a nice path.

You started with CS on streams, what do you like to play now?

The first real start of streaming was about 3-4 hours of some horror story game, as there was nothing on TV and at least I had a "program" for people who wanted to relax after work or school. But at the moment? I don't have any main game that I would always play. So, I don't make plans. I play what's available, what looks nice. What is entertaining... But of course, I always like to go back to the roots and my classics, as you mentioned for example CS.


Is there a game you are really looking forward to releasing?

The last time I was looking forward to Cyberpunk, I made a pre-order, and when it came, let's say I downloaded it longer than it played (figuratively). So, I know a couple of titles are coming, but am I looking forward to it? Nah ... I take what's at hand and I don't focus much on what will be released. Of course, when something shows up and my head says this is what I want to play, I download it.


What do you consider the best game of all time?

There are so many titles that are extremely, extremely high. And I'm undecided, so I can't choose one. Well, I can write a couple of them here that are fighting for my championship: Bloodborne, Witcher, Warcraft, Red Dead Redemption, God of war…

What does your normal day look like when you're not streaming?

How exactly do you want to know? Well, first of all, I have a new regime. And the bat became a diurnal creature. So, it's news for me to see the sun in the morning, haha. I get up around 9, ice shower, black coffee (as life is black alone), I go to my mom’s place to have coffee number 2 and spend some time with the dogs, a walk and some podcast or work out. And I really seldom have any responsibilities that I would have to deal with and pay much attention to. So, I spend most of my time off the stream with dogs and myself, of course.


You worked as a fitness trainer and you still enjoy fitness. Do you also train any martial arts?

So, the body is the only place where we have to be the whole life, so we should approach it in the same way and I don't train any martial arts, but I'm an MMA fan. A huge one!


What do you think about the current MMA hype? Are you watching the fights?

I watch, but mostly only UFC. My friends and I always have an event at the house with a lot of food, if of course there is a good card. It usually ends at 7 in the morning, so we leave the barracks like some sleepless junkies.


In the past, you said you had a dream to live in the United States. Could you now imagine moving out of Slovakia? If so, what is your favourite destination?

You know what, this dream was absolutely ill-conceived and I can't describe it. Just the first things a person wants when everything around him falls apart. Just go away. Somewhere in sunny Florida and be cool... Haha of course. All the time I thought that if I made money I would go. Later, when I had some money aside and could go anywhere, I realized that you can have a nice life anywhere you are. And it wouldn't be a good move to leave my mom alone since my father died. I am here for her to help her and everything is as it should be for me. And I haven't had much travelled. But my ex and I were in Mauritius and it was beautiful.


Are you still putting the change in the treasury? :))

You won't believe it, but I put aside every 2 euros I had on me for a few years and a few weeks ago I finally counted it. I don't want to lie, but I think there was about 1000 euros in that treasury. So, 2 nice divers in Egypt. I just have to find time and go.


Do you have any plans or goals for next year?

If you mean "business" plans, then ¨I don’t care so much. I'm happy for what I have and not for what I can have. So, I look for balance in the first place. Don't rush things. Pause to look around. Breathe… and you who read this, remember that there are 8 billion of us in the world and we do not see all things the same, so don’t argue about bullshit. Even if you think you are not important, you all are.

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