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Voky tattoo studio photos, Prague 2018

Introducing Voky, tattoo artist from Bieblova 5 ink studio

Sep 272018

Voky has been a tattooing for many years during which he become one of the most popular tattoo artists in Prague and the whole Czech Republic. Together with his colleague Vojta, they work at the Bieblova 5 ink studio. Today, we will learn more about him, his work and the process of getting a tattoo.

Hi Voky, could you please introduce yourself and your studio?

Hi, people call me Voky and I work at the Bieblova 5 Ink studio at Smíchov in Prague with my colleague Vojta. I have been tattooing for many years and Voky found me a few years ago so I started teaching him. And since that we have been working together.


How did you get to tattooing?

I got interested in in tattooing at the secondary art school, but at the end of the 90's it wasn‘t like nowadays, when you can search all the information on the Internet and learn about everything. In those times, it was quite hard to get any information about tattoos. However, I met a guy, who taught me about tattooing and I knew that was it. I was fascinated by tattoos and I knew that this will be my profession. I had to defend it in front of my father, who was old school and taught that tattoos are only for junkies and criminals, but I followed my dreams.

Do you have any styles that you prefer to do?

I prefer doing colourful comics and a tattoo inspired by Asia. I also enjoy new school, but I like to draw some old school as well. When someone comes up with some good idea, I do not really afraid of any challenge and if I really don’t know I recommend my colleague Vojta, who is more specialised in traditional old school or I send them to someone else, who is good in that given style. I don’t have problem with that.



What are the current trends in tattoos and what has changed, during the time you have been doing it?

Almost everything changed during those years I have been tattooing. In the nineties, tribals and black ornaments were the most popular. Nowadays, nobody cares about them anymore. In the beginning, people were afraid and wouldn’t have done the whole sleeve or back. In these days, you can have tattooed anything you want and some of the tattoo artist can really do masterpieces in any style you like. Those times when I started were really prehistoric in the Czech Republic.


Regarding trends... I prefer classic styles, however nowadays there is popular the linear and abstract style, colours that look like watercolour, hyperrealism, etc. Thousand people, thousand flavours. Everyone can now find the right style; they would love to have on their bodies.

What would you recommend to people who decide for a tattoo?

What to advice to person, who want to get a tattoo? Think twice about what and where you want to have it, because it's forever.


How is the consultation and preparation of the tattoo design being carried out?

The process at our studio goes like this. You call us and book a date for consultation, visit us with your idea or design and together we discuss the style, size and ideal colours and create a sketch. In case we think it is not a good idea, we are more thank happy to talk you out of it. J Then we book the date for tattoo and meanwhile we create the final design. After that, you will have your first tattoo or tenth… it’s up to you.

What are your plans for future?

I would like to devote more attention to the projects I do outside the studio, such as photos and illustrations. I have been working with my friend and great cook David on a joint project about travelling and cooking in South-East Asia, which should be released as a book next year.


And regarding the tattoo studio, we would like to keep tuning it so our customers feel as comfortable as possible over there. Pay us a visit and we will happily take care of you.

For booking and examples of Voky’s artworks visit his website