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"Island Paradise: Monster Storms Bali"

Island Paradise

Mar 302018

IN OCTOBER OF LAST YEAR, our European friends Rune Glifberg, Kevin Bækkel and Sam Beckett escaped their respective winter wonderlands and headed towards the fun and sun of Indonesia.


Bali is not a well-known destination for skate trips and we had no idea what to expect skate-wise from the surf town. On our way from the airport to the hotel, Kevin and I were looking out of the cab window, scanning the streets for spots, but all we saw were scooters chaotically flying around each other on tightly-packed roads. Tired but excited, we knew we were about to be thrown jetlagged and headfirst into Bali’s ocean of madness.


A few miles into the ride we noticed wild looking warrior monkey statues and shrines placed every few blocks. Our cab driver told us Bali is predominantly Hindu and the statues were there to honor the various gods. The whole scene resembled something out of an Indiana Jones movie.


From our outside perspective it seemed like the Hindu religion had a god for just about everything, so it seemed reasonable that the island might have some kind of skate god. We spent the next ten days burning some serious scooter rubber into the surrounding jungles in search of hidden bowls in an attempt to appease the skate gods that we assumed must be watching over us.


On a few of our jungle adventures I thought we might actually find Animal Chin—or at least his grandson—shredding some ancient golden pool. And while we didn’t end up finding Chin, we had a hell of a good time searching! A big thank you to all the locals who showed us such a good time!