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ISLANDER Dropped a New Song and Music Video!!

Aug 092017

ISLANDER just dropped a new track and music video that was previously set to release earlier this summer. The song “Summer”, with its matching music video, was intended to be part of a 7 inch record/ EP with new tracks earlier this year before the band quietly broke off with Victory Records. Lead vocalist Mikey Carvajal is excited to begin their newest venture as free agents, and the team seems to be unfazed with their freshly acquired freedom. The new song and music video is a good start to the break-away and shows their positivity heading into the rest of the year. “Summer” will surely keep your head in the warmer months of the year while simultaneously exposing how a majority of people live now. The lyrics “We all look happy on our Snapchat, but we all know filters can lie/How can we see tomorrow, if we're scared to walk outside?” were written to highlight the misery so many experience, yet get so little support. Heat up your hump-day and give the new song a listen (and view).

“We aren't living in easy days, and I just want people to take a step back, relax and be good to one another, so we don't have to just pretend like everything is okay on the internet.”

Having freedom is the ultimate goal ISLANDER is trying to communicate, where we don’t have to hide who we are to look like we have the perfect life. Everyone has trials in life, and hiding those trials from even those who are close to us creates toxic relationships and hardships even harder. ISLANDER calls us to action to make the world better and warm up this “Cold, cold world we’re living in”. Speaking of freedom, a couple of Islander’s band members left for various reasons, but the band has nonetheless been swimming in a non-stop tour with its newest members, featured in the new music video. They keep their heads above water by staying busy and riding the waves of their career.


The official music video is a well-edited, feel-good compilation of shots from their ongoing Hot Like Sauce tour, which continues until August 23.