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Images from Snowboarding Big Air / Slopestyle X Games, Aspen

Jamie and Max Win Gold

Jan 262018

Jamie Anderson and Max Parrot for their Gold Medal runs at X Games Aspen on Friday. With her 14th X Games Medal, Anderson who previously won six straight silver medals in the event, won her fifth gold in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle. Parrot meanwhile, continues his dominance in Big Air with a repeat performance winning for a consecutive year, and adding a fourth X Games gold to his collection.

After some moderate snowfall early in the morning the Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle finals were postponed a couple of hours due to visibility and speed concerns. After some test runs it was decided to continue with the contest even though a few of the women opted out of the competition, thus narrowing the field down to five riders. For Anderson however, there was a lot at stake and sitting out was not an option.


Things started out rough though, as on her first run Anderson, anticipating a lack of speed due to the new snow, actually overshot the second jump and took a brutal fall attempting a frontside 720.


“My wax guy hooked it up and I ended up going way too big and smashed my face,” she laughed afterwards.


As onlookers were unsure of if she would even take a second run, Anderson was silently tapping into the inner strength we’ve come to love about the 27-year-old from South Lake Tahoe.


“When I went back up I was pretty shaken up and just had to sit for a moment and get back into my focus mode... I had to find a way to get behind the noise of what just happened in my head.”


And with that her second run proved phenomenal.


Flowing through the upper rail section with ease, she buttered on and off the rails effortlessly with tricks like a boardslide-to-270 off and a cab 270-to-270 off a small cannon rail. Now, speeding toward the first of three jumps she unloaded a cab double cork 900 flipping off axis through the cold Colorado air. With a clean landing, she then cautiously checked her speed before spinning a frontside 720 and preparing for the last showtime booter. Holding onto a solid run thus far, she then opted to keep it clean and threw down her signature backside 540 indy grab to complete her run.


When the scores came in at 94.00 it was immediately apparent that she would be taking home her fifth X Games gold in Slopestyle — her first since 2013.


“I didn’t get my most technical run down,” she said after the sore was announced. “But with the conditions and what I went through earlier I feel extremely good right now.”