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Jamie Anderson Takes Silver in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle at X Games Aspen 2017

Jamie Anderson Takes Silver

Jan 282017

Monster Energy wishes to congratulate Jamie Anderson on her record 12th X Games Snowboard Slopestyle medal as she rode away with a silver medal today. This was truly one of most beautiful runs of the entire weekend, as Anderson's raw talent lended to a calm style, which made her riding look utterly effortless today.

“I'm just hyped to even ride today after that gnarly crash the other night,”

After a bitterly cold start to X Games Aspen 2017 with temperatures barely cracking the single digits, conditions could not have been more perfect for the Women's Slopestyle event. With temps in the high 20's, epic snow conditions and blazing Colorado sun, riders were set up with ideal conditions as the competition got underway.


Coming off a nasty crash during Thursday's Snowboard Big Air event many questioned whether or not Anderson would even compete in today's event, but always the competitor, Anderson stood atop the course with her trademark award winning smile.


Though Anderson made no bones about it when she later said, "Honestly, I've been a little shaken up."


Dropping into her first run, Anderson seemed to be even more relaxed than we have seen in recent times breezing through the rail section with her typically mellow style, sliding away from each trick as if she never left the ground. Showing no signs of someone who was laying motionless at the bottom of an 80-foot jump just two nights ago, the 26-year-old Olympic champion then sped towards the first of three jumps boosting a switch frontside 720 tail before absolutely launching one of the smoothest switch backside 540 Indy grabs she has ever landed in competition. Capping off her run with a lofty frontside 720, Anderson rode away as clean as she started – no hand flaps, no reverts, nothing – just pure style.


Though she didn't break out her usual big tricks, as far as style goes, the run was flawless and the judges awarded her a well-deserved 91.33.


"I'm just hyped to even ride today after that gnarly crash the other night," said Anderson afterwards. "I'm super grateful just to be out here."


It appeared this was perhaps the easiest silver medal Anderson has ever won. Then again, this is the most decorated rider in Slopestyle history and if she needed to take it easy and grab a mellow Silver at X Games, who are we to argue!