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Jeremy Malott social assets transition from Monster Army to Monster athlete.

Jeremy Malott Joins Professional BMX Team with ‘Breakthrough’ Video

May 102021

Welcome to the pro ranks! Monster Energy congratulates long-time Monster Army amateur rider Jeremy Malott on joining the professional BMX team. As the company announced today, the 24-year-old from Lake Havasu, Arizona, is making his pro debut today with a heavy-hitting BMX video, live now on Monster Energy’s social media channels. After earning his stripes as a General in the Monster Army, Malott now joins the Monster Energy pro team.

Viewers can go online and watch Jeremy Malott’s ‘Breakthrough’ video part on Monster Energy’s official YouTube Channel.

Before joining Monster Energy’s pro BMX team, Jeremy Malott traveled the world and shook up the amateur ranks as part of the Monster Army. Growing up in the high desert town of Lancaster, California, he was already competing in motocross and BMX track races at age 10. Once he turned 17, he discovered freestyle BMX as his true passion.


With a full focus on expanding his trick repertoire, Malott soon evolved into a fierce competitor. In 2016, Malott won the freestyle BMX championship at the Monster Recon Tour. He had moved to Lake Havasu, Arizona, one year earlier for the vibrant BMX scene and one of the largest skateparks in the U.S.


Jeremy Malott’s diverse bag of tricks has earned him several wins at international competitions, including first place in Best Trick at FISE events Montpellier, France and in Hiroshima, Japan, where he landed the world’s first 360 Triple Whip to Bar Spin. He also took second place overall at Barcelona Xtreme, and third place at the Toronto Jam.

“Coming up through Monster Army in my BMX career was truly a blessing to be able to share the same brand as the top riders in the world. Now being moved up to the Monster Energy team, I feel honored to represent the company further and continue to grow with this new family,” said Jeremy Malott upon joining the Monster Energy pro BMX team. 


For his ‘Breakthrough’ video part, Jeremy Malott levels up his trick repertoire. Expect technical bar spins, wheelie combos, and creative lip tricks in a stacked video part filmed at concrete skateparks and the legendary Dreamyard ramp compound built by Monster team rider Pat Casey.