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Surf Open League Puerto Esconido, attended by Jose Manuel Trujillo, Angelo Lozano and Jhony Corzo who finished in 3rd place.

Jhony Corzo finished 3rd at Surf Open League Pto. Escondido!

Nov 172016

Jhony Corzo has a clear objective, to become the first Mexican surfer to be inside the CT; And for that in each of its competences its preparation and training is strict. Surf Open League Puerto Escondido would not be the exception for the local surfer, since weeks before he trained hard with the goal of winning the November party event. Already for the event he felt confident surfing at home, with the presence of his family and friends on the beach.

¨From my first round between the very confident water although I would use new boards, the first day the waves were small but suitable for surfing, in my first heat finish in 1st place giving me the direct step to 3rd round, I also finished in 1st Place) where the waves had already grown and the tubes were present and was one of the best days of competition" commented Jhony.

For Sunday, Angelo Lozano, Jhony Corzo and Jose Manuel Trujillo Monster Energy ambassadors entered the water to compete in the 5th round, unfortunately Trujillo finished his participation in the tournament but the locals continued advancing until reaching quarter-finals phase in the That Lozano said goodbye to the competition after a fierce heat, Corzo managed to impress the judges after running a right barrel obtaining the perfect qualification of a ten, achieving to place in Semifinals.

"In the quarterfinals I achieved very good qualifications, a perfect 10 and a 9, which gave me a lot of confidence to keep going, I knew I could do it, but I had to keep fighting to get to the Sefiminal and that was it, already in Semifinal me Played to compete against Diego Cadena. It was very close, very difficult since the level of Diego is impressive, it was a great battle and a lot of fun, very experienced and above all very demanding, we were very close, we made very similar maneuvers and because it is in Sefimifinales, that motivates me already That Diego is one of the best surfers in the country, that means I gave him war, feels good and makes you better for future events, I finished Surfing Open League with a third place, another podium in my career with great desire to prepare For the following competitions, it helps me a lot to stay focused, accept defeat and keep going, congratulations to Diego"  Corzo finished.