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MTB, BMX, Skate event taking place in Surany, Slovakia.

Junkride Pool Jam 2016

Jul 202016

POOOL JAM! The third year is behind us as well as the third celebration of opening of the great park in Šurany, which was joined by many people and riders not only from Slovakia. The event was again one step further this year and everyone has been having fun not only during the competition, but also at the after party. The weather was great apart from slight breeze, which sometimes complicated rides at dirt jump. The competition had four categories and DJ and three bands accompanied the races.


1. Erik Figa

2. Martin Szabo

3. Erik Szcuz

4. Tomáš Blaho

5. Michal Kovačovič


At the end of BMX POOL jam was held best trick rail JAM, where they fought to the last forces... Filip Baník killed it with Up rail Double peg to Tailwhip. Biggest surprise were especially young street riders such as Samo Valent with Up rail to 360. The winner was Jakub Pružinec for icepick to 180, which was really fantastic.

MTB and BMX dirt categories were a bit complicated due to the wind this year, but the most courageous riders fought their fear and performed a show with some amazing combos. MTB winner was  Filip Likavčan, who passed both two runs without mistakes. Second Palko Hraško showed his classic style including Backflip Condor over the first biggest jump. Third Viktor Podstawek is a young rider, which at his age kills tricks comparable with adult riders. He also landed Backflip Condor over the first biggest jump and won the best trick.


MTB DIRT Results

1. Filip Likavčan 60

2. Palko Hraško 59

3. Viktor Podstavek 51

4. Tomáš Konečný 46

5. Robo Bartakovič 42

6. Adroš Mihalík 30


BEST TRICK: Viktor Podstawek: Backflip Cond


BMX dirt was by right whole day awaited category. The boys weren’t afraid and were landing one trick after another. First place Erik Figaro! Huge combinations at every jump. Great control of bike. Nothing else to say. Second place Filip Baník. Filip made a safe bet and performed runs full of stylish turndowns, Tabletop in 360s, and from time to time 360 lookback. Third place: Viktor "DRAKE" Orosz! Viktor done some beautiful runs including tricks such as Backflip Turndown, tailwhips and 360 tabletop. Best trick went to Libor Páleník who killed it with 360 triple barspin on the first jump.


BMX DIRT Results

1. Erik Figar 74

2. Filip Baník 68

3. Viktor “DRAKE” Orosz 67

4. Matrin Toma 60

5. Tomáš Blaho 59

6. Adam Erdziak 58


BEST TRICK: Libor Páleník: 360 Tripple barspin

SKATE POOL JAM witenssed some killer tricks as well. There were some huge combos taking place on the new reail as well as stairs. Third place went to Juraj Vartík for nose pic kat the highest ramps in the park. Local Maťo Holota, who ended u second performed blunt to rock n roll on danger bangu and indy transfer from funboxu to pyramide. Best tricks were performed by first Dávid Szakálos, who showed back foot flip over pyramide.




1. Dávid Szakálos

2. Maťo Holota

3. Juraj Vartík