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Junkride Pool Jam Surany. BMX and MTB competition in SLovakia,

Junkride Pool Jam 2017

Jul 112017

The fourth year of the JUNKRIDE POOL JAM was held traditionally in the pool and on a dirt jump in the centre of Šurany, where every year meet riders from various parts of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.  This year, there was quite a lot of Hungarian riders, who contributed to the fact that it was really great show to watch! All riders were riding on a full throttle and were enjoying a beautiful summer day. The competition was commented by Ludis Tóth and Martin Ďurson so there was a lot of fun during the whole day.


Let's start with a nice order. First par of the program was qualification of Pool Jam. The list of riders included well-known names as well as new young faces such as twelve years old Ábel Donát from Hungary, who was doing combos that even old experience rider wouldn’t be ashamed of. We tip our hats. Other great runs were performed by Jambo, Kotlas, Fraštix and Riči Botoš (Barspin drop from summer-house to pool). Maťo Madigár, Dave Janáč, Matrin Toma or Erik Szücs dictated the park rules. The ten best killers went to finals and the third place went to David Janáč for his never ending exhibition runs. Second place went to Hungarian machine Jozef Milan and first place to Viktor Bako. It is really pleasure to watch Viktor as he uses all the possible lines no matter where he rides. Creativity, transfers with smile on his face and really tough combos on rails shot Viktor to the first place deservedly!


BMX POOL Results


1. Viktor Bako

2. Jozef Milan

3. David Janáč



Viktor Bako

Kornél Ficsór


This contest was held between qualification and finals of the pool. The wind was quite complicating the whole contest, but the guys handled it well and performed an amazing show. We witnessed a battle between “trick machines” and stylish ”flow” riders. We really enjoyed Czech riders such as Daniel Bojanovský, Dominik Rous and Kuba Hejl. Kuba has done all the three rides on 100% with combination of tricks that noone lese could beat and finished 1st. Second place went to Palko Hraško, who traditionally ends up on podiums of contests all around the Europe and third place went to Ondřej Kubica a.k.a. "The stylish guy".

MTB DIRT Results

1. Kuba Hejl

2. Palko Hraško – Majster Slovenska

3. Ondrej Kubica


This is the contest everyone looks forward to. Great show full of amazing tricks has the audience excited and cheering up like crazy. Filip Baník and Domino Janček took care of a few exhibition rides for the audience. Dominik pulled the biggest Superman Seatgrabs on the event., many times ended up on the ground, but it wouldn’t let him stop. Filip Baník performed his classic tricks such as 360 table, 360 turndown or 540 flatspin and ended up 3rd. All riders including Martin Toma, Kryštof Odehnal, Tomáš Lysák or Adko Bujalko performed really nice runs, but Konrád Szabo formed a separate category full of tripple tailwhips, crazy combos and frontflip over StepUp. Second place went to Viktor Orosz, who landed tricks such as backflip turndown, tailwhips, loockbacks, but also backflip over the small jump before StepUp!!! Absolutely crazy....  Viktor won best trick with that one. Congratualtions! And 1st place went to David Janáč, who convinced the jury by perfect rides full of giant 360 downwhips and many other difficult combinations.



BMX DIRT Results


1. David Janáč

2. Viktor Orosz – Majster Slovenska

3. Filip Baník



Viktor Orosz