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Bmx Pool competition and BMX and MTB dirt competition in Surany, Slovakia

Junkride POOL JAM 2018

Jul 252018

The fifth edition of Junkride POOL JAM is over! Once again we enjoyed a beautiful Saturday full of freestyle BMX, MTB, music, graffiti and adrenaline.

The sun have accompanied us throughout the day as this year's Pool Jam was still one of the best FBMX events in Slovakia. First and foremost, we would like to emphasize the relatively high number of attending riders (not only from Slovakia). Czech Republic and Hungary had such a large representation and we even had one rider hailing from Austria. The total number of riders in all categories was sixty-four, which is high above the Slovak average. The great novelty of the Pool Jam and the Slovak Cup itself was accurate timekeeping with a large display that was under control by the unique speaker Durson, who was complemented by Ludovic Toth of Streetlife Crew throughout the day.


Quality street and ex-flatland rider Alex Hrubý was first among the qualifiers with his ride full of downhip and feeble variations. Jiří Blábol showed us a unique qualifying ride without missing a beat, and qualified from the first spot. Jakub Juza was another qualifier from the fourth heat killing it with a nose to 360 from quarter to funbox. Martin Svoboda from Prague, stylish Federal rider Čenda and Lukáš Šrúma with his clean qualifying rides topped the Czech final five. Piešťany native Marek Vrábel did not stay behind as he showed his balls and qualified for finals once again. Tomáš Frasto did not hesitate to perform his best tricks already in qualification and proceeded to finals as well. Last qualifiers were Jakub Štajno Marjak and also the oldest participant of the event, Viktor Bako from Budapest.


The Street category finals started around 5 PM and it was evident that the riders are feeling the day's fatigue. The fact that final rides were not so clean made the work demanding for the jurors. The only rider with 100% performance was Jakub Juza who deservedly took the first place. Nobody other than Jirka Blábol stood on the second step of the podium, while Piešťany star Vrabeliz with 180 Whip from the stairs took the third step.


The PARK category was filled with Slovak, Czech, but also Hungarian names. The biggest spectacle was the Austrian Philip Schuster, who was flying by at least three feet higher than the other riders. Clearly Michal Kovačovič once again performed the best qualifying ride.


The Park finals took it to the limit. Filip Baník did not show the expected performance in his second ride and fell to the fourth place. The biggest fight took place between second Milan Jozsc, third Filip Schuster and the eventual winner Michal Kovačovič.


After the wind calmed down during the evening hours, the event continued with the DIRT category competition. MTB started first with Palko Hraško with Beko Condor, 360 Bark over the hip and 360 Whip through the step up jump taking the gold. Michal Herda was second with Henrich Both closing the podium squad.


BMX DIRT category was a little bigger in the numbers. Michal Kovačovič dominated the category again with unique combinations like Barspin to condor or 360 Downside. Both his rides were clean without any hesitation. Second on the podium was Andreas Fiore although one of his sets did not go as planned. Martin Toma has a style both in park and on dirt and his perfect backlip took him to third.

After an evening announcement of the results we switched to the afterparty mode although most of the riders were chilling since the finals. A big thanks goes to all participants, organisers and announcers.