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Kavish Sainani: Starting Young & Strong

Aug 242020

He has performed more then 100 freestyle riding shows all over the country. He has launched Scooter Brand SYM in Malawi, East Africa, and is the first athlete to represent scooter freestyle riding on an international platform. Kavish Sainani, started his stunt riding journey at the age of 14 and is the youngest non-gear moped stunt rider in India. We chatted with him to know what keeps his spirits high and how does it feel to start so young. Read on to know it all. 

When and how did your journey start?

It all started back in 2014. The bud was planted in by few Action movies that I used to watch on television in my childhood. I started my basics on my non-gear 100 cc scooter and I found freestyle stunt riding to be a very spiritual motorsport. I went on to do some local shows in the city itself.  After performing for several years on scooters, I recently switched to superbikes and I will be continuing my journey on that. Today, I’m considered as one of the best and First International Scooter Freestyle Riders with 100+ freestyle tricks and Youngest Sportbike freestyle athletes.

Tell us a stunt you have mastered. 

There’s a trick called rolling stoppie. It’s one of the toughest tricks and it took me years to master it. In India, I was the first guy to do a rolling stoppie on a scooter. 

What excites you about stunt riding? 

The kind of love and support I get from the guys who are really connected to me on social media. I love their enthusiasm and love for stunt riding. That really excites me.

What’s next for you? 

I am planning to build my own stunt school in the future. I want to represent India at an international platform where I can compete with riders from the world 

Which is your favorite monster energy drink? 

I love monster energy ultra. It is very refreshing. That citrus flavor gives me a totally different kick. 

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