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Photos of Hungarian Monster Energy Ambassador Kempf Zozo.


Nov 122019

Our own Hungarian BMX rider and youtuber, Zozo Kempf gave a visit to our homeland, the USA for the first time!

After a busy summer season, the 24 year old BMX rider from Gyula, Hungary hop on a plane to take on the States with his good friend Danny Josa!

We sat down with Zozo for 5 minutes, back in Hungary to give us some insights about his first USA experience.

“I still can’t believe that I got to ride an epic complex like WoodWard”

Hey Dude, Good to have you back here in Hungary. So first time in the USA, right? As we seen your videos, you seemed pretty stocked in all the shots, specially in the Woodward one. Was riding in the US been on your bucket list?

Yes, first time ever in the US, it was an absolute bucket list place for me, I am stoked to put a tick there. We filmed 4 short episodes to my YouTube channel about the trip, shot some photos, but for me it was more about the experience, and living the moment, than capturing everything. I’m trying to keep a balance between filming, riding and enjoying life.

Usually if people visit new countries they do site seeing and all that, but you seem to travel with your BMX everywhere. Is that the perfect way to explore new places?

I was there with one of my friends who lives there, and he knows all the “must see” places. So usually we went for a little sightseeing, most of the time by car or by Harley, because in the US you can’t just cruise around with your bike with those huge distances. But of course in Miami it was a super chill sightseeing with the BMX.

What was your top favourite moment from the trip?

No doubt the WoodWard West trip! Amazing place, I think every extreme sports athlete’s dream is to visit WoodWard once. I really liked San Diego and and some parts of Florida too.

How does it feel to ride at an actionsport complex, like Woodward West, that raised countless talented people to athletes?

I still can’t believe that I got to ride an epic complex like WoodWard, it is definitely the best place I have ever ridden. Can’t wait to go back as soon as possible.

We seen you got hurt under you trip, so riding was cut short. Would you say your trip was still complete or will you be back for more?

Yes I got hurt during the last 10 minutes of the WoodWard trip, trying a new trick to the airbag. However, I’d still say it was perfect like this, of course I could’ve ride some other skateparks in California, but I am super satisfied with the amount I rode, but I will be back for more, for sure!

Winter just landed in Hungary, what’s your plans for the cold season?

I am super busy building my skatepark, so we can ride through the winter. It will be Hungary’s best indoor park! By the way, it would look good with some Monster Energy logos… haha! But we also have other plans beside BMX, like Snowattack Snow Camp with you guys in January!

Thanks for your time Zozo! Join Zozo on his adventures in America as he visits places though out Florida and California, in this 4 episode, mini series. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more.