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Frederico Morais competes in the 2015 Rip Curl Pro in Peniche, Portugal


Oct 172016

Back in 2013 Frederico ‘Kikas’ Morais burst onto the international radar by knocking out 11 time world champion Kelly Slater as a wildcard in the Peniche Pro. Last year he again grabbed the wildcard and took things even further in his home country World Tour event, smashing through the field for an incredible 5th place finish.

This years event kicks off in the powerful beach breaks of Peniche from the 18-29th October and Kikas again has the wildcard. One thing is for sure that no seasoned competitor will want to draw this much respected regular footed power surfer.

Last years 5th place finish was incredible. Do you have any specific goals for this years event?

“I don't really have any major goal other than trying to surf at my highest level and enjoy every single second out there. That's what I did last year and it worked out pretty good.”

How have you been preparing for the event?

“I haven't done any specific preparation for this event really. I'm doing the WQS full time so that requires a continuous work all year and I feel i'm ready for this one as well.”

What are the differences with this and a normal QS event from your point of view?

“Well in a QS event I have everything to lose! Every point counts, you're way more nervous as you really need results because you want to qualify. This one I just see it as bonus I got from working hard all year, I'm just gonna try to do my best surfing out there and create an impact.”

How do you cope with the huge crowds on the beach and expectations and hopes of Portugal?

“I love it! Portuguese people are really passionate! They support their own like no other and I love to see everyone cheering and enjoying our performances. It's an amazing feeling and every time I paddle out I get goose bumps! It’s amazing to surf these huge contests at home.”