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Images from KSW 48 event in Lublin, Poland.

KSW 48 - spectacular KSW in Lublin

Apr 302019

On the 27th April the first KSW gala in Lublin took place in Hala Globus. The results were unexpected and it was a great show. We heated the atmosphere in the Fan Zone with our Monster Girls and other attractions.

The opening fight of KSW 48 in Lublin was between Sebastian Przybysz and an experienced Romanian fighter, Bogdan Barbu. Przybysz very quickly TKO'd Barbu.


Next were the fights between debutant in KSW. Shamil Musaev dominated Hubert Szymajda anda Cezary Kęsik, 'the tank from Lublin', defeated Jakub Kamieniarz.

Michał Michalski had a difficult start, but in the second round he attacked and TKO'd Savo Lazic. Filip Pejić TKO'd Filip Wolański.


In the fight, which was supposed to take place at KSW 46, Marian Ziółkowski won with points with Gracjan Szadziński. In the co-main event Łukasz Jurkowski, the first KSW champion, defeated Stjepan Bekavac, who after several hits from the Pole was injured.

In the main event for the Interim Featherweight Title Salahdine Parnasse dominated Roman Szymański and won the belt after TKO.


KSW 48 results:
Main Event - Interim Featherweight Title
Salahdine Parnasse (13-0-1) def. Roman Szymański (11-5) via TKO (punches), round 2, 3:40

Co-Main Event - Light Heavyweight 
Łukasz Jurkowski (17-11) def. Stjepan Bekavac (19-10) via TKO (injury), round 1, 1:06

Marian Ziółkowski (21-7-1) def. Gracjan Szadziński (8-3) via unanimous decision (30-26 x 2, 30-25)

Filip Pejić (14-2-2) def. Filip Wolański (11-4) via TKO (headkick & punches), round 2, 1:56

Michał Michalski (7-4) def. Savo Lazic (10-5) via KO (punch), round 2, 2:24

Cezary Kęsik (9-0) def. Jakub Kamieniarz (7-6) via TKO (elbows), round 1, 3:04

Shamil Musaev (13-0) 3:52 def. Hubert Szymajda (8-3) via TKO (punches), round 1, 3:52

Sebastian Przybysz (5-2) def. Bogdan Barbu (15-10) via TKO (punches), round 1, 4:00


KSW will return on the 18th May for KSW 49 in Gdańsk.