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Images from KSW 53 in Poland.

KSW 53: Reborn - MMA is alive again

Jul 152020

It has been over 7 months since the last KSW event. KSW 53 was supposed to take place on March 21st. Due to COVID-19 it was postponed. Finally, after many changes in the schedule and the form of the event it took place on July 11th at a Warsaw TV studio. This does not mean that it lacked performance. On the contrary. We saw 8 fights and each of them kept suspense until the last moments. 

The event started with a fight between Sebastian Przybysz (6-2, 3 KO, 1 Sub) and KSW debutant Jakub Wikłacz (10-2-1, 8 Sub). They stood against each other in the past and then Wikłacz won, but this time he had to recognize superiority of Przybysz. After a tought stand stall in round 1 and ground fight in round 2 Przybysz launched a powerful blow in the body and finished Wikłacz off on the ground.