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Pictures to illustrate the article dedicated to Go Skateboarding Day 2020 in Ukraine

Kyiv’s top 3 toughest spots to film skateboarding

Jun 222020

Skateboarding is fun, up until that point when you put your filming gear to use. Ok, recording might be fun as well but filming is a hard work, which requires focus and effort. After a five-star chill at Go Skateboarding Night this weekend, we return to working routines to benchmark the highest price for a sweet skate clip in Kyiv.

Apparently, the dark side of filming is the most familiar to a cameraman himself, that’s why one of the very few - Savva Loginov - has joined us on a mission. Some background on the guy: filmer, chef, custom artist, 10.3” deck size. He’s got two Sony VX2100E’s and two Sony Hi-8’s in his bag, knowing nearly everything about tapes, old-school equipment maintenance and secret stock of wedding operators (that’s a different story altogether).

1. Kyiv cycling track

Human overload

This spot has got skater attention straight after reconstruction - a plenty of space with smooth surface here, various banks and ledges, as well as some fun stuff, like the grass gap. Oh, also it’s no short on people and kids, roaming around randomly and unpredictable, just like they would use their own rules for moving around.

“Focus is key here. I don’t control camera at all, however I don’t follow the rider either, as I am forced to monitor the people around. I try to project their path, where they are likely to step next. But you have people, who seem to be distant from things like trajectory of the objects moving towards them or doing something around. The great confusion occurs and those who were supposed to bypass you, happen to bump straight into yourself instead.”

2. the circus

Traffic danger

Location is a special ingredient of this place. A classy granite setup with stairs and ledges is situated right in the middle of a very busy avenue. Getaway with a footy requires a great deal of patience and prudence. You don’t want to collect the chips of your deck from below the car, do you?

“A skateboard launching off the grind straight into the car is a standard here. If you are unable to evaluate your skills and project the consequences, you better keep off this spot. If you are here and wanna film, then be ready to stick to the traffic. You’ve got 2-3 attempts for a trick, until the traffic light is green again and everything gets moving. The rest of the time you are either distracted by the vehicles around or at a risk of your skateboard flying into the traffic.”

3. one try spot at olympiyskiy stadium

Security time attack

It feels like this spot has no name at all. There is no surprise however, as skaters do not tend to spend much time here – as security is absolutely on point at this place. Kyiv’s finest reaction time!

“It’s a fun one, however quite niche - because of the reactive security. I have never skated it, since I knew I was going to be kicked out immediately. The technology here is the following - get there real quick and shred it straight away. You don’t have the option to warm up - just pop it and land it. You gotta be very much ready for it, as well as your filmer and equipment.”

“Having a camera and a skateboard does not make you a skate filmer. I used to think that recording skate tricks is easy, now I realize it’s not. You have to approach this very carefully and consciously. Apart from knowing your equipment and its capabilities, you have to be extra-confident on the board, understanding how it works. You should be warmed up and stretched - to avoid stupid bails and injuries. A filmer should be able to dodge and duck.


The most important thing is projecting your actions and trajectories. Before trying to film the line, I am walking all the way through, to see what can be disrupting or dangerous, examine the quality of surface, remove little stones etc. Afterwards, we do a test run to see the pace and trajectory. When we rec, I never look into the camera. I know angles and perspectives, understanding what’s going to come out without seeing it. My focus is on the surface, rider and pedestrians. Staring into a display is an amateur mistake, which may cause bails, collapses and argues. Be careful and attentive!”