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Lewis Hamilton with his signature product - 44

Lewis Hamilton Has His Own Monster Energy Drink! Try it Today

Jun 192018

When it comes to Formula One racing, there aren't many names more synonymous with the sport than Lewis Hamilton. After all, the U.K.-born racer has 64 wins to his name, 121 podium appearances and has totaled more than 2,700 career points. Considering he's had 213 career starts, these results are impressive. Also being a four-time F1 World Champion doesn't hurt either.

Now racing fans can enjoy Lewis Hamilton in a can. Hamilton and Monster Energy have continued their long running partnership to bring a special energy drink to market. It's titled LH44, and we shouldn't have to tell you that the "LH" stands for Lewis Hamilton, while the "44" stands for his car number. The drink itself is light, crisp and refreshing - kind of like Hamilton's driving style. And just like his No. 44 car, this isn't just any ordinary energy drink - this is a Monster Energy beverage with some serious RPMs packed into it. LH44 is currently available in Australia and New Zealand, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!