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Friday images of Liam Doran from round one of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, Round 1

Liam Doran at WRX UK

May 272016

We catch up with British Bomb Liam Doran at World Rallycross UK

Q - When did you start racing and what got you into racing?

Liam: I started out when I was 14, here in the paddock at Lydden! My dad really, I grew up watching my dad race and that`s all I wanted. I did anything I could to go racing and he did anything he could to stop me haha!


Q - Tell us where your nickname the British Bomb came from?

Liam: I don`t know really, it  just fits my style I guess. It really came about after I won X-Games in 2011, when no one really knew who I was and just blasted onto the scene. After that it stuck.


Q - Are you excited to be racing at Lydden Hill what is the atmosphere/ track like?

Liam: Yes, I always get a kick about racing back in the UK, especially coming back to my home track. Being an all British team, a British driver at a British event this season makes it extra special to be honest. The fans that come out are always great here too, so it’s pretty cool.

Q - This is the 4th round of the WRX how do you feel competing on home soil as the only Brit?

Liam: I always put a bit of extra pressure on myself at my home event, and this weekend is no different. So you can say the pressure really is on! I love this event, and when you look back at previous World RX rounds at Lydden I’ve never quite managed the result I wanted. I’ve got a good feeling that it’s going to be different this year!


Q - You are running a 1.6 engine whilst the rest of the field is in a 2.0.  Does this put you at any disadvantage?

Liam: Well, simply put, yes. I push the car as hard as I can though, and I know the team are doing all they can. We don’t like to get hung up on it. I’m up for the challenge for sure!

Q - Gymkhana GRID is back for 2016 in the home of the legendary Acropolis Rally.  Will we be seeing you there?

Liam: Yeah that`s the plan. Gymkhana GRiD has always been a really fun event. It’s at the end of the season for me and a real highlight after the huge pressure of World RX.


Q - Expectations for this series?

Liam: I`m not out to win a championship this year, I want to get some good racing under my belt, win some races, and take it one race at a time.

Q - Favourite track you have ever competed on?

Liam: Mondello Park. And Lydden as my home race!


Q: What affect do you think your family/ your father’s legacy had in your successful career?

Liam: I`ve a learnt a lot from my dad and he has definitely helped me along the way. But he never made it easy for me either. I wouldn`t be where I am today without my dad and family.

Q - Tell us a bit about your training? / On comp day how do you get yourself prepared for a race physically and mentally?

Liam: Between races I ride my mountain bike, it`s fun and good exercise. It keeps me on my toes! At the races I like hang out with my kids, keeps me smiling and definitely good motivation.


Q- Plans for after this series?

Liam: I really want to do some Trophy Andros. I had a taste of driving on the ice last year at Gatebil on Ice and it was so much fun.