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Photos of ME athlete Frederico Morais during the second day of Margaret River event


Apr 292017

Portuguese rookie Frederico ‘Kikas’ Morais has settled into life in the big leagues pretty damn well. We sat down with the modern day power surfer straight after the Australian leg to get his thoughts.

"I actually felt really good through all of the events although results were mixed."

3 events down and sitting in 19th place inside the cut off after the 3 event Australian Leg. How do you sum things up so far?

It was a really positive leg for me I think. I actually felt really good through all of the events although results were mixed. I’m most stoked about getting a 5th place finish at Bells which gave me a really big boost in confidence. Going home for a little spell being inside the cut feels good too.

Your official WT start was at Snapper and you kicked off with a win. How was that very first heat in terms of nerves?

I've been going to Snapper since I was 11 years old so I'm really familiar with the wave which was good to bring the nerves down. I tried to just focus on that.
Obviously it was my first heat as a rookie and you always wanna show some good surfing a show everyone you've got the skills to be there.
But yes for sure I was a bit nervous but once I surfed my first wave everything went away - all those "bad feelings" and I managed to surf my heat just like any other and got away with a win against Filipe Toledo and Ace Buchan.

Margaret River you ended up going out early in a close heat despite putting down huge scores. How do you deal with that?

Margaret it was tough one as I was feeling good and the wave really suited my type of surfing. I had good confidence going into that event and feel I can do good there. In the end it was a really close heat with Ace with really big scores from both of us but I ended up losing. I tried just to quickly reset and work harder for next time.

A quarter final at Bells Beach taking out former world champ Gabriel Medina on the way looked like you finally got the result you deserve.

Bells was a really nice event. Really fun waves and all the Bells scenario is similar to home which made it pretty cool. The whole area is great and it was really fun to surf and hang around there.
I had a tough draw but I was surfing good and mostly my heat plan was working really good for me so It was just a matter of enjoying and focus on the best waves.

What have you learnt so far about this top level of world competition?

You can lose with a total score of 18.00 points. haha!
It's a really hard circuit. There's so many good surfers and so much experience, you're always learning from event to event.

Looking forward what events are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Can't wait for JBay in South Africa as I love that wave and then the event in Portugal at home it will be so much fun. I can't wait.