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Photoshoot with Grigorii Fuzeev in Rosa Khutor, Russia

Life on the road with Grigory Fuzeev

Jun 012017

As the winter season has come to an end, we sat down with our new addition to the team freeskier Grigory Fuzeev  for a short chat... Read the short interview with Grigory below.

Grigory Fuzeev INTERVIEw

Can you name the top 3 events of the past season for you?

First-signing a contract with Monster Energy and trip to China straight after it. Everything in this trip was incredibly cool and new. Everything was shaken: resort, people, metro, architecture , other guys, who came to the contest, Great China Wall, food.
Second - trip to film street profile in Murmansk. A city of tough, terrible spots and tight deadlines. I do not have much experience in my life to film street and this trip is definitely the most cruel of them. Marathon of self-overcoming.
Third- landed triple cork!

What is your main principle in skiing?

It’s all about enjoying it! It can be a pleasure from the light shred in the park, results from filming, from overcoming yourself and from inventing and realizing something new. Pleasure- is an obligatory and basic component for me.

What are your plans for this summer and upcoming season?

In the summer I'll try to learn some new stuff on in-line skates by jumping in a pillow. I will also train on a trampoline. I planned to go several times to indoor ski resort in Moscow, called “Snezhkom”, and, of course, there will be a trip to the glacier. I really hope that everything will be successful with America and I will go to a legendary place - summer camp Windels!
As for the next season, hopefully I will be able to qualify to Russian Olympic team and go to South Korea for 2018 Olympics.