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Photos of Alliance's Dota 2 roster playing in MDL Chengdu, the second major of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. They placed 5th-6th.

Liquid and Na`Vi Peak at ESL ONE

Nov 052020

Lately in Dota 2 there has been a “final boss” that every European team has come up against and failed to overcome. Team Secret has stood in the way of countless hopefuls over the last 6 months. But after ESL One Germany the behemoth stands no longer. Both Na`Vi and Team Liquid navigated their way to the finals - Na`Vi through the upper bracket and Team Liquid through the lower. The way they both made it to the finals however was very different.

We’re used to seeing our Dota teams knock each other out of tournaments at this point, it’s almost expected with how good they all are that they’ll run into each other eventually, but it’s another thing entirely to see two teams who have worked so tirelessly to prove that they can compete at the highest level of competitive Dota meet in the grand finals of one of the biggest Dota tournaments of 2020. While Na`Vi put up a tremendous fight, Team Liquid took the grand finals 3-1. We’re proud of Team Liquid for winning their first major championship with their current roster and we can’t wait to see them play at the Dota Summit which is only a few days away.