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Luis diaz at Quick Pro


Nov 082017

Luis Díaz has had an exceptional year, full of surf trips, competitions and filming projects. We sat down with him during a freesurf trip to Hossegor to talk about his year surfing the QS and what’s in store for the future.

This summer I did most of the euro QS to try to prepare for doing a full time next year.

Last year was a crazy one winning the US Open Juniors. What have you been up to this year so far having stepped out of the Junior ranks?

This year I did some trips to Hawaii where I was lucky to compete in the Volcom pipe pro and also to Australia during the Quicksilver pro event. Just surfing around and watching the contest and seeing that top level. I also did a trip to Indonesia with my filmer and some friends to have some fun and gets some clips. This summer I did most of the euro QS to try to prepare for doing more full time next year. Also I did the Spanish Sikroko Tour and won that too which was great.

You’ve just come back from the QuikPro France and some time at the Monster House. How was that?

The trip was very cool. We had a house in front of the beach and it was just about surfing with all the WT guys during the event and also hanging with the Monster crew was super fun. France in this part of the year is very special because everybody wants to be there for the WT event and waves are very fun. Lots of surfing and partying and catching up with everyone.

You are always moving around all over Europe. What are the best things about each of these places?

Portugal - It has got very good food and is as cheap as home too. They have every kind of waves and so it is super good for training. France - This is the biggest surf country in Europe I think. All the industry is there and you can get crazy barrels on those beach breaks. England - This year was the first time I went to England for the Boardmasters event. I liked it and had fun but it was too cold for me haha, I prefer the island style. Spain - In Spain I really like the Basque Country as it has good waves like Mundaka, good food, and very friendly people. Canary Islands - The place I most enjoy is home in the Canary Islands. We've got everything here from epic waves, good weather, all my friends, family and many many girls.. haha