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Stadium shot from the 2017 British Speedway GP


Jul 232017

It’s the most anticipated speedway race in the world and once again the British GP delivered with an epic night of incredible racing in Cardiff, Wales.

It’s a night that always has everything – thrills, spills and everything in between and this year was no different with the top 15 riders in the world going bar-to-bar and wheel-to-wheel to try and get their hands on the most coveted GP trophy on the tour.

Over 44,000 people descend on the Principality Stadium in the Welsh capital and it’s a stadium more used to hosting bone-crunching rugby matches than motorbikes with no brakes or gears, but speedway took centre stage and nobody left unsatisfied.

Here’s what our guys had to say;


Tai Woffinden


“I’m frustrated, I got nine points and didn’t make the semi’s and that’s pretty rare to happen, normally eight gets you in! I’m gutted I couldn’t give a better performance for the fans, but it is what it is.


“I felt good on the bike but didn’t have the pace, we’ll have an evaluation to see what happened and where it went wrong and just recap everything to see how we can be better next time, that’s all we can do now.


“The support I get is unreal, I went out on a lap to say thanks to the fans and the feeling is just awesome. You can’t put it into words, I don’t know how you can describe how good it is – the support, the atmosphere, the whole event is just something that you have to come and experience to understand. It’s just unreal and I’m so grateful for all the support.”

“The track was maybe a little bit different to what I expected and to Warsaw and Horsens, but it’s always four laps and you turn left a few times so it’s the same!


“It wasn’t a bad night but it wasn’t easy, some heats were good and some were bad but I got 10 points and this is my minimum target for every Grand Prix so I can’t be upset – it’s all okay.


“Next we go to Malilla and I have been riding there for five or six years, it is my favourite track in Sweden and I like it there so it will be good to race somewhere I have been before a lot of times.”

“I’m devastated, anybody who knows me knows how much I love this event and I’m just so disappointed. The shoulder has been playing up this week and yesterday in practice it popped out of the socket twice, but I had it taped up and had some physio and just hoped that it would be okay.


“I knew straight away when I got on the bike that it wasn’t strong enough, I couldn’t hold on to the bike and it would’ve been dangerous to me and to everyone else if I carried on. It’s pretty painful now and I’ve got to go and see what the solution is because I need to get it fixed. It was a tough decision to pull out but 100% it was the right one and I’m just so gutted with how it went.”

“Another frustrating night for me really, it was good to get to the semi’s but I want to be fighting to win not just make the semi-final’s. It’s the same problem as I’ve had all year, my bikes just aren’t working like I want them to and they’re not as fast as they need to be and in this field you can’t afford that.


“It’s such a strong line-up this year and every race is so tough that if your stuff isn’t going like you need it to then you aren’t going to go anywhere. We’re working so hard to try and get it right but I need to do it soon because it’s frustrating at the moment.”