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These were images taken during a festival that we were a part of. These images have been taken and edited internally

Mango Loco Campus Edition

Mar 022020

If there’s anything that even the most stubborn spirit cannot resist, it’s Monster Energy’s new Mango Loco. Crafted with a heavenly blend of exotic juices, Mango Loco is an enabler of energy for all the wild spirits out there. This magnificent drink has a crazy good taste and we have now taken this taste to people, just as crazy. We kick-started the Mango Loco Campus Edition by collaborating with different campuses across India  and are all set to infuse energy tossed with just enough Monster magic to keep the spirits high for days. From stunt shows to live graffiti to face painting, there’s so much that’ll get you buzzing with excitement.

The energy levels at IIM Bangalore and LPU Jalandhar were soaring and seemed almost unbeatable.

Students from both campuses got onto the streets to showcase their art and we had a mad time celebrating all of them while sipping Monster energy juice to keep the party going.

We are all set to recreate the magic and witness crazy madness at our next festival, in Chennai 


So come, show us what you got and get ready to soar high with energy levels that remain unmatched. And if you’re still thinking twice then let us tell you, there’s going to be crazy madness out there, so if this doesn’t give you FOMO, we don’t know what will.