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Edgar Torronteras at Masters of Dirt Vienna 2016

Masters of Dirt quick fire Questions with Edgar Torronteras

Mar 022017

We had a small chat at the Masters of Dirt in Wien with with Edgar Torronteras. Read more about this impressions and further plans.

Masters of Dirt quick fire Questions with Edgar Torronteras

How does it feel to be Freestyle-Motocross Legend?

Well, I was the first FMX rider in the world! It feels so good! I think, if I would not start it, people would not do freestyle. Now I am so exited, because many riders do the freestyle.

You have won 3 X-Games times what’s next?

At the moment I do not have any specific projects, I just want to be on my bike and ride. Learn new tricks and keep progressing. I also started to do Nitro Circus together with Travis Pastrana and keep taking part in international freestyle shows, like Masters of Dirt.

Did you ever have any scary moment in your career?

All the time, I have a scary moments. If you are not scared you do not have a power! You have to respect all the sports!

Are you any good at other sports?

I do wakeboarding and snowboarding! BMX and Skateboarding, too! I love the wakeboarding the most! I can do pretty many tricks, like Tantrum, Backroll, Scarecrow ☺

What do you like the most being at the MOD?

Crowed! Many riders just ride on the bike when they stop they do nothing. But I love to play with the crowed and do some more tricks. It´s so cool!