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Photo taken at Masters of Dirt Freestyle tour event in Zagreb, Croatia, on 28th of December 2019.

Masters of Dirt: Total Freestyle Zagreb Report

Jan 142020

Competitions and shows

FMX is a sport, but also a show - so there are shows on which drivers demonstrate their skills in order to entertain the audience, and there are some serious competitions. For instance, FMX is part of prestigious extreme sports competition - X Games - for years now. On competitions like that judges evaluate style, execution and complexity of tricks, and even the interaction between drivers and audience - who has a great impact on scoreboard.

It can be said that competitions put too much pressure on drivers - and that is the reason why show programmes became more attractive. The whole atmosphere is more casual, and tricks are more enthusiastic. One of these shows is Masters of Dirt.

“MOD - the biggest adrenaline show in Europe”

Masters of Dirt is biggest adrenaline show in Europe, and there are some of the craziest freestyle drivers. For years now, MOD crew has some of the best drivers in the world - not just FMX drivers, there are some MTB, BMX i quad drivers too!


Audience at MOD can witness some tricks that are more wild than the ones at competitions or on TV. And every stunt is followed by music and fire, so everything looks like another spectacular adrenaline party.


We had an opportunity to witness Masters of Dirt in 2013, in Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Recently MOD came back to Zagreb to impress the numerous people once again.


Show is a real spectacle. Of course, motorbikes had the lead in Zagreb too, but the whole show has a story: tricks and jumps are becoming more and more massive and complicated as the show lasts. We could see about 20 drivers that are among the best in Europe and world who were showing us some of the craziest tricks. Some of them were so hard, the drivers had to try for two times to make it. Everything you could see at MoD in not easy nor simple. You know the saying: "Picture is worth a thousand words"? That is MoD exactly - enjoy the "words" of this text.