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Matej Cesak performing at Masters of Dirt in Bern.

Matej Cesak – The next step

May 242016

Last weekend was outstanding for Monster Energy rider and FMX talent Matej as the 16 –year-old Czech stomped his first backflip at a show during Masters of Dirt in Bern. After celebrating his success with the 4.000 spectators in attendance, we caught up with the young talent to talk about his career and this very special moment.

"I started with Motocross when I was five years old as my dad was riding Enduro at this point in time."

Hi Matej, first of all congratulations for this awesome success, landing your first backflip at an event! Before talking about the great step up in terms of your career , let´s start at the very beginning: How did you get into Freestyle Motocross?

I started with Motocross when I was five years old as my dad was riding Enduro at this point in time. He bought me a new bike. A KTM 50. I jumped on the bike and start riding. When I turned eight years old I tried to jump for the first time. Since then I continued with Motocross and I am still loving it.

What was your goal when you started riding Freestyle Motocross?

First of all for me it was important to be part of as many shows as possible. So I kicked off riding shows in the Czech Republic. At the age of 12 I received my first invitation to Masters of Dirt in Graz, Austria. This was just awesome! There were so many spectators at this big show. I loved it so much! The passion I have for Masters of Dirt is still there today. I like all the people that organise MOD and the crowd is so much fun. So I am really happy to be part of the show. Matej Cesak – The next step

Did you have a teacher or a mentor during the start of your FMX days who was pushing you and supporting you?

Yeah, for sure. I started with Petr Pilat. He actually asked me whether I would like to do Freestyle Motocross. Since that day I train with him. He was also the one who taught me the backflip and many other tricks. It´s great to be his friend. So thanks a lot Petr for being such an awesome person. Matej Cesak – The next step

When was the first time that you were thinking about doing a backflip on a motorbike?

When starting a professional career the most important thing in Freestyle Motocross is to be able to do a backflip. So I had to learn it. When I was 13 years old I was really scared of this trick, as it was a difficult trick for me. So it took a long time before I was ready for my first attempt. Just one month ago was my first time to jump a backflip into a foam pit. And three days ago I tried it for the first time on a dirt jump. I was just super happy when I landed it. Matej Cesak stomping his first backflip at Masters of Dirt

How did you actually train for the backflip?

It is a really scary trick for me as you are going over-head. It´s just different than doing a straight jump. So I definitely had to push myself mentally to do the backflip. I tried one time from the quarter pipe like an ”egg role” and afterwards I said yeah it is quite good to go over-head. So I tried it from the super kicker and it was perfect. Then I tried it maybe 200 times into the foam pit. When I took the jump to the dirt kicker I was a little bit nervous, as it is completely different to jumping into the foam pit. But I tried it on dirt and was able to land it so I have been super stoked and ready for the next ones to come. Matej Cesak stomping his first backflip at Masters of Dirt

How was your feeling when you landed the backflip in the show?

The feeling was absolutely incredible. The crowd was shouting and going crazy. It was just awesome! Matej Cesak – The next step

Not everything was running today like it was meant to be. Please describe your day and the whole scenario before the backflip took place.

The start of the day was pretty crazy. My second jump was too long and I hurt my knee at the landing. So I had to see the doctor. He gave me painkillers and put some ice on the knee. After recovering a little bit I tried to jump the long distance again during the practice. Plus I tried the kicker where my backflip should take place. Afterwards I said to myself: "Maybe I will give it go. We will see… a little bit later I tried the backflip and was able to land it. Awesome! I did the backflip six times in a row during training so I thought: Why shouldn´t I try it at the show today as well. And in the end everything paid off so I am really happy." Matej Cesak – The next step

So, after such a great success, what´s next?

Right now I would like to try the backflip of the super kicker and afterwards I will try the backflip over the long distance into the foam pit. Hopefully by the end of this year I will land it from the long distance because I know the feeling right now to go over-head so I am trying to push again.

What are the next projects you are going to do?

In one month Masters of Dirt is taking place in Linz. So I will be there for sure. Afterwards I am going to a show in Mexico called Xpilots. I have been to Mexico-City one week ago and it was pretty crazy. I like Mexico, it is a great country. I have many shows until the end of the year with Masters of Dirt plus some shows in the Czech Republic. But I am really looking forward to them. And in between I have to attend classes, so that I can finish school hopefully soon as well.