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Surf QS event in France

Maud Le Car on the podium at the Pro Anglet

Aug 302017

This 2017 Pro Anglet was a unique contest comeback this year. The “surf de nuit,” aka surfing by night where teams are battling it out under the light of the moon and a few well-placed lamps was an amazing event right before the official competition started.

A last minute guest, our Irish surfer Gearoid McDaid shined, contributing to Rip Curl’s team victory. A really cool addition to the event, adding a twist to the traditional surf comps.

After 3 competition days, the sun was shining down on the Chambre D’amour on the morning of the men’s and women’s finals

Awesome competition and brilliant result for Maud: “I had an incredible week. I was really happy to make it to the finals here in France in front of the French crowd, all my supporters, my family, my friends. It was great, this is a nice event

This Pro Anglet was also the opportunity for Maud to show some other skills with her second passion: art. She got into her live surfboard painting on the beach, which is being given away to raise money for charity after the event.


When she’s painting, surfing and the ocean are still in her mind: “This project is a mermaid on a metal box to build awareness about recycling. All funds will be given to a no-profit organization that works for ocean protection. Because this is something I do care about


 After the podium, BMX and MTB got into the action to end this Pro Anglet 2017 with an intense #MonsterEnergySuperJump session.


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