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Maud Le Car's plans for Pro Anglet

Aug 082017

Hello Maud, how have the last few months gone since the release of 'Welcome Madame' video? 

I traveled a lot for the QS competitions all around the world, to practice physically and mentally and to work on a few artistic projects

In this video you introduce your two passions: surf and art. This year’s Pro Anglet will be an opportunity to show them two with an exhibition of your board paintings. Can you tell us more about those paintings? How long does it take to paint a whole board? What’s your inspiration?

I’m really happy that this year at Pro Anglet, Monster Energy sets me up a stand where I’ll show some of my boards. I’ll also do a workshop to decorate a board for a bidding sale to an environmental group’s profit.
It usually takes between 5 and 8 hours to finish a whole board, depending of the amount of work needed and the design.
I rather take my time to do the things well. Inspiration comes from my travels, nature and what I see around

About the Pro Anglet, how do you feel a few days before it starts?

I’m super excited as Pro Anglet gets closer. I live in Hossegor so Anglet is pretty much home. It will be quite cool to compete surrounded by my friends with a wave I know well enough. I hope I’ll be consistent and to get good waves

Is it a particular feeling to compete in France in an area close from where you live?

There’s a little bit of extra pressure because I definitely want to score a good result in front of my friends and the French crowd. But it’s also a benefit because I know the spot and it’s really familiar

Thx for all of these, what are your plans next?

Keeping on this way: practice a lot, keep on improving, win as much competition as I can, reach my goal to qualify for the CT while still enjoying it!