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JB Mauney rides D&H Cattle/Barthold/Gordon/Dunn/Duckwall's All Aboard for 87 during the second round of the Sacramento Built Ford Tough series PBR


Aug 242017

When two-time World Champion J.B. Mauney had surgery last month to completely reconstruct his injured right shoulder, his 2017 season came to an abrupt ending.

At the time, Mauney was in the Top 5 and vying for his third world title in five years.

Prior to the surgery, Dr. Tandy Freeman told the 30-year-old lifelong smoker the realities of his future (or lack of a future) as a bull rider if he continued smoking.

As abruptly as his season ended, Mauney gave up smoking cold turkey.

Mauney Recovery And Plans For Another Title


“Tandy pretty much told me if I kept smoking my shoulder was not going to heal,” admitted Mauney, during a live online interview prior to last week’s elite PBR event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Tandy said, ‘Stop smoking or quit riding bulls. One of the two."


“I’ve smoked my whole entire life pretty much and I quit cold turkey. The morning before the surgery I threw ‘em out the window and I won’t ever touch ‘em again.”


The Monster Energy bull rider said quitting wasn’t an issue and that he only smoked because he liked doing it and never had a legit reason to give it up. Now he does. However, Mauney did notice that he eats more.


So despite being among a select few of old school style riders, who have shied away from going to the gym, Mauney has hired a physical therapist to assist him with his recovery and rehab. And plans to follow that with a personal training regimen. “I told the physical therapist to push it as hard as we can,” he said. Mauney joked that he was recently at home in North Carolina staring at a stationary bike that he quickly noted was his wife’s bike—not his.


“I went to peddling because I don’t want to be a big bull rider when I show back up,” said Mauney, who’s known for his lankiness. “If I gotta work out to ride bulls, that’s what I’ll do.”


In the past, Mauney has quietly spent a lot of time strengthening his core and working on his balance by standing barefoot on a stability ball, while watching television.


Freeman has said a likely return to competition, for Mauney, will be late January.


Mauney made it known publically he intends to be at the Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden in early January.


“I’m going to get it worked out,” said Mauney, of his recovery. “And I’ll be back for New York.”


In the meantime, his right arm is still in a sling. And he’s watching everyone else compete and win money rather than riding bulls himself. He wants to be traveling to the elite televised PBR events, but he understands this is not only what is best for his body, it’s also what will allow him to return to competition and seriously compete for a world title.


This week, the PBR -- along with fellow Monster Energy teammates Derek Kolbaba, Chase Outlaw, Guilherme Marchi, Gage Gay, and Reese Cates – will be in Nashville, Tennessee. But, yes, it’s still going to be another long 20 weeks.


“It’s going to irritate me pretty bad,” he said of the time off. “It’s all part of it. Nobody likes doing it. Anytime you’re sitting at home it pisses you off. It aggravates you. It’s not fun, but it’s part of it.”