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Max Fredriksson | Off-Season Series Q&A

Mar 202018

The idea behind the Off-Season Series is to get a closer look at what Max Fredriksson gets up to during the winter and how he's been preparing for the 2018 contest season. Apart from spending some time at home riding his local parks in Sweden, he went on a 5 week trip to stack some clips and ride with other FMB athletes in Spain and France.

In Episode 1. Max runs us through how injuries held him back in 2017, how he's bounced back and pushed through the down time. Followed by a mega session at his local park. Hit play and check out the Q&A with him below.

I've never even had a big injury until I broke my first collarbone last year and it was definitely weird coming back mentally.

Tell us a bit more about your injury struggles last year and all the steps you had to go through to overcome them and get contest ready for 2018?

I ended up breaking both of my collarbones spread out through the contest season. The first one was in the beginning of the year and I had to get surgery on it which complicated and slowed down the rehab process. Then got back on my bike after a ton of rehab and rode an event which felt super great and even got a good result as well. Then going into my next event I broke my other collarbone which ended the whole season for me. My biggest struggle through the injuries has been to re-gain muscles and get fully strong again. Getting back into the riding has actually been the easy part in all of this…

How do you bounce back mentally after two unfortunate injuries like that and how were the first sessions back on the bike?

I've never even had a big injury until I broke my first collarbone last year and it was definitely weird coming back mentally. I just felt like I couldn’t crash again because I’d get broken again. Especially after the 2nd break, I felt pretty fragile and it was a bit scary to ride in the beginning. After a week or two I gained all my confidence back, it felt all good on the bike even on the first session. It was all nerves about having to sit out again.

Tell us about how you spent your Off-Season this year?

I’ve been spending a couple weeks in Spain for a few years now right before the contest season, just so I get comfortable with riding bigger jumps than what I have at home in Sweden. The idea with the whole project was to document the five weeks prior my first contest and make it into a 4 episode series. 
This year I went down to Barcelona for a week to start shooting, it rained pretty much the whole week and only got a few sessions in. This year, I wanted to mix it up a bit. So I rented a car in Barcelona and drove up to France to visit some friends and ride with them for a week. The sessions were super sick and we had a really good time there. After that I went back to Barcelona to get two more weeks of riding in, we had a bit of bad luck with wind and weather for those two weeks so it wasn’t ideally what I wanted right before the contest season starts. I actually went back home early to ride a new indoor training facility that opened up while we were out traveling. The place is called DOME adrenaline zone and it's been the best place to practice tricks that I’ve ever ridden.

How do you balance the Off-Season to get some rest and but stay sharp on the bike and stay ahead of the rest of the field who are also training?

Haha, resting and relaxing isn’t really something I’ve been good at during my off season. I've had enough chill time during recovery... I’ve really been at it as much as I can and riding every day and working out. The injuries during 2017 definitely threw some fuel on the fire for me and I feel like I can rest when I’ve achieved what I want to do.

What's the 2018 contest season looking like for you? Let us know where else to look out for you this year?

BUSY! I’m going to be competing at as many events as I can this year. First event of the year is Crankworx NZ which is one of the biggest contests all year and I’m super excited for it! There will be a bunch of other big ones this year but all the Crankworx events are for sure the ones to keep an eye on.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next 3 episodes dropping this week on Max's YouTube channel right HERE!