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¡MAYDAY! Takes on The Monster 25 question challenge

Aug 032017

We recently sat down with Bernz, Wrekonize, and Nonms and issued them the Monster Energy 25 question challenge. Getting us excited for the dropping of their album SEARCH PARTY, 2nd single “DO”, the challenge features 25 questions about their personal lives and gives fans an inside scoop on whoever takes on the challenge. With questions ranging from favorite food, childhood memories, inspirations, and life on the road, the video brings us up close and personal with three of the six members of ¡MAYDAY! These guys have really great chemistry and know how to have a good time, even when being interviewed. Nonms surprised everyone and came out with a giant ¡MAYDAY! necklace that rivals the huge clock necklaces worn by Public Enemy. It turns out the necklace means a lot to him. Find out more in the video! So, sit back, relax and get to know Bernz, Wrekonize, and Nonms!


The band also just announced the Search Party U.S. tour beginning August 12th,  album release on September 8th., and yesterday released a hot single “DO” following their initial teaser track “Airplane Mode” as a preview of what’s to come. It’s been two years since their last album was released and now the wait is almost over for some new music and a crazy tour.  Search Party and the two fresh tracks build on the ECLECTIC legacy of ¡MAYDAY! adding to the chaotic, hopeful vision they create through their music.



¡MAYDAY! will bring their unique stellar production and their HARD rock style to the stage for a three month long MASSIVE tour.


Tickets and VIP packages available HERE!


08/12 – Miami, FL

08/15 – Pensacola, FL

08/16 – New Orleans, LA

08/17 – Baton Rouge, LA

08/18 – Kansas City, MD

08/19 – San Antonio, TX

08/20 – Dallas, TX

08/21 – Austin, TX

08/23 – Albuquerque, NM

08/24 – Greeley, CO

08/25 – Colorado Springs, CO

08/26 – Denver, CO

08/27 – Grand Junction, CO

08/30 – Las Vegas, NV

08/31 – Modesto, CA

09/01 – Santa Cruz, CA

09/02 – Placerville, CA

09/03 – Berkeley, CA

09/19 – Tucson, AZ

09/20 – Mesa, AZ

09/21 – Fullerton, CA

09/22 – San Diego, CA

09/23 – Los Angeles, CA

09/24 – Ventura, CA

09/26 – Sacramento, CA

09/28 – Portland, OR

09/29 – Seattle, WA

09/30 – Vancouver, BC

10/01 – Bellingham, WA

10/02 – Spokane, WA

10/03 – Missoula, MT

10/05 – Davenport, IA

10/06 – Indianapolis, IN

10/07 – Berwyn, IL

10/08 – Sauget, IA

10/10 – Toronto, ON

10/11 – Kent, OH

10/12 – Buffalo, NY

10/13 – Boston, MA

10/15 – Brooklyn, NY

10/17 – Washington, DC

10/18 – Virginia Beach, WA

10/19 – Atlanta, GA


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