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Media event with ski and snowboard in Kläppen sweden, Kimbosessions.

Meet the Man Behind the Kimbo Madness: Kim Boberg

Jun 252019

Kim Boberg is a rare specimen. Known as an elite skier for most of his life, in recent years he’s also added the title of founder of one of the world’s most hyped and prestigious get-togethers for elite skiers in the world. This year’s edition, which took place in Kläppen, much like every year, was a truly special one and thankfully we got to exchange a few words with Kim and find out how this 2019s edition unfolded. 

"t only took 30 minutes or so of feeling out the park before the session was properly on and tricks you had never seen before were thrown left to right. "

If you were to summarise this year's Kimbo in one word, which one would it be?


Any highlights that stand out in particular?

It’s always hard to pick one because there is so many highlights happening every day, but this year I would have to say it was the first day of skiing the park. We were a pretty big crew in Kläppen a few days early to help out with shaping the park. We did what we could by hand, but the park wasn’t 100% finished the night when everyone arrived. Kristofer (the cat driver) woke up in the middle of the night to finish everything and make it perfect for us when we woke up the next morning. We never tried any of the features before it was actually time to start skiing the park, but everything worked out just as imagined. It only took 30 minutes or so of feeling out the park before the session was properly on and tricks you had never seen before were thrown left to right. The first day was definitely one to remember.

How did the park turn out? What features did you add this year and which part did people end up shredding the most?

The park turned out amazing. Every year I’m so amazed with how well it turns out even if we never really have time to try any features out before its time to actually start skiing the park with everyone. Kristofer really is a wizard with the cat and makes all the features flow so well together. Compared to last year every feature in the park was so much bigger and you pretty much had to go full speed whatever you wanted to hit. The roller on the top is always a favourite, and that’s why we have kept it in the park every session. The ”BMX” line that we built was also so good! People skied hard on every single feature we had. Everything in the park works so good together and there a multiple lines to choose from.

What was the sickest trick you got to witness?

Hard to say. There are so many amazing riders at the sessions with different kinds of styles and I feel like everyone did something completely mind-blowing. Colby Stevenson went hard every single day and did some wild stuff, like the flat spin 900 and 1080 nose drag on the roller.

What rider impressed and surprised you the most?

There are so many riders I could mention here and that’s also why we did named two guys ”Rider of the Week” this year. They went to Colby Stevenson and Jake Mageau. Both are so impressive to watch ski in real life and you never know what to expect when they drop in. It’s such an amazing atmosphere in the park and there’s always someone you could draw inspiration from. I was really impressed by the new kid on the block, Benjamin Carlund. But really every single one deserves to be mentioned here.

Lastly, will you do it all over again next year?