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PIctures and animation for an article on the new VGJ.Storm Lineup

Meet: VGJ.Storm

Sep 142017

Vici Gaming enters a new chapter in its collaboration with NBA Basketball player Jeremy Lin by continuing his sponsored squad VG.J for a second year as well as introducing a North American division, VGJ.Storm. Moving forward the existing Chinese squad will be known as VGJ.Thunder, while the line-up for VGJ.Storm is the American roster from isGG, the NA squad who recently came out first in the ASUS ROG Masters America Regional Qualifiers. Monster Energy is extremely excited to introduce you to our newest faces in Dota 2!

“I’m really thrilled to be a part of the Monster Energy family. To be supported by such an influential product and brand alongside other incredible players and athletes is so inspiring. We are all looking forward to our future with VGJ and Monster! - Stan King”


Stan King - Stanley “Stan King” Yang is the captain of this team and has plenty of experience pioneering squads such as FDL, Team Freedom, and most recently isGG, the roster picked up by VGJ.  A rising mind in the North American scene, Stan King only just barely missed out on qualifying for The International 2017, but was respected enough to be invited to coach Cloud9 at the $24 million tournament. A slightly mysterious figure who only joined the competitive circuit in 2015, Stan King has avoided the media spotlight but his talent for leadership was already evident from the blossoming success of Team Freedom and isGG. He now leads a group of aspiring NA players in VGJ.Storm into the biggest competitive season in Dota 2’s history.


Flee - Francis “Flee” Lee is a versatile player that has switched roles throughout his career and was formerly part of the golden trinity that formed the backbone of Team Freedom and isGG. Much like SneyKing and Stan King, Flee has been heavily involved in the NA scene but found the most success as part of the trio, and heads into the coming season hungry for a chance to acquire precious experience befitting of a world class team. A big fan of initiation heroes such as Earthshaker, Sand King, and Earth Spirit, Flee loves to causes mayhem and is already making his mark as an up-and-coming support player.


SneyKing - Jingjun "Sneyking" Wu is the veteran of the new VGJ.Storm with five years of experience under his belt having played over 800 competitive matches. Sneyking was part of the runaway success PotM Bottom who were picked up by British Esports giants Team Dignitas to represent them at The International 3.


Soon after, SneyKing was then selected for the team NA Rejects and once again found himself playing for a big organisation after the team was recruited up by Na’Vi to represent them at The International in 2014, one of the biggest brands in the CIS region. SneyKing took a step back from competing for 2015 and 2016 but when he returned in 2017, he swiftly rose to the top of the North American scene after teaming up with captain Stan King and teammate Flee. Now, for the third time in his career, a major organisation has picked up his team, a credit to his talent and proof of his ability.


Ryoya (Formerly, “747”) - Eric “Ryoya” Dong keeps his cards close to his chest in the real world but in-game he has a reputation for destruction. Ryoya is one of the best new mid-laners to come out of the North American scene in recent years, following in the footsteps of the likes of Arteezy and SumaiL. Ryoya has done the rounds in the NA circuit playing for many of the popular underdog teams such as Void Boys, Archon, Root Gaming, and FDL. His stock has increased over the course of the last year with bigger names taking note of his ability — now that he is a part of VGJ.Storm, he will have a platform to take his career to the next level.


Ritsu - Although a late arrival to the scene, Ravindu "Ritsu" Kodippili adopts a very old school approach to the carry role. Ruthlessly efficient and clinical when it comes to battle, Ritsu adds a touch of class to the VGJ.Storm lineup in-game and is a very farm-intensive player, happy to take things to the late game for that all important game-winning moment. Ritsu first came to prominence after being picked up by Cloud9 in the fall of 2015 and competed at Valve and ESL’s Frankfurt Major with the North American organisation. After that, Ritsu took a break from the top flight only to find a new home in Stan King’s isGG, which rekindled not only his competitive drive but also rebirthed his competitive career. If VGJ.Storm have an ace up their sleeve, it has to be Ritsu.